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One Piece Chapter 1070 Spoilers Show Kizaru Finally Making His Move

One Piece Chapter 1070 Spoilers Kizaru

After the first batch of leaks was released, another round of One Piece Chapter 1070 spoilers have been shared online, giving us more details about Kizaru’s move and the events that are going on in Egghead Island.

After a one-week break, One Piece is finally getting its next chapter in time for Christmas, and it sees the continuation of Luffy and Lucci’s fight. It also reveals more info on the Devil Fruits courtesy of Vegapunk.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible One Piece Chapter 1070 spoilers in this article.

Luffy, Lucci, and Sentomaru

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While the previous set of leaks already revealed what’s gonna happen, the new spoilers went into more detail.

The new chapter opens with Luffy apologizing to Sentomaru for distracting him, causing Rob Lucci to land a successful attack. But Sentomaru tells Luffy not to look down on him.

In the meantime, the Seraphim are shown attacking CP0, with Luffy resuming his fight with Lucci.

Lucci may have gotten stronger, but his power is not enough as Luffy continues to have the upper hand in the fight.

Luffy then blows Lucci away with a powerful attack. Soon, Sentomaru tells Luffy to go to the vacuum rocket and help Vegapunk.

At the lab, Vegapunk drops more lore bombs on Nami’s group. Specifically, he mentions how the Seraphim are the pinnacle of the science that he has created.

Vegapunk also went into detail about the difficulties of creating his own Devil Fruits.

As explained in the first batch of leaks, Zoans are the easiest, while Paramecias require “Green Blood” taken from the user’s Lineage Factor.

Finally, he says that Logias are practically impossible to create.

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Kizaru and the Navy Fleet

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After the explanation, Vegapunk says that he will now go to the sea with them.

While Nami is not too happy with this, Franky and Usopp are excited as expected.

Though it seems that Vegapunk and the Straw Hats' escape won’t come easy as the last page shows that Kizaru is on his way to Egghead Island with a Navy fleet.

In the meantime, Lucci is shown to have taken control of the Seraphim.

With Kizaru on his way to Egghead Island, he will likely come face-to-face with the escaping Straw Hats.

Kizaru may first face Zoro and Brook who stayed at the Thousand Sunny and didn’t join the crew.

Take note, these spoilers are not confirmed, so you might want to wait for the official release of One Piece Chapter 1070 this weekend on Manga Plus.

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