One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date and Time, Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date and Time Spoilers Lucci
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date and Time Spoilers Lucci
Credit: Toei Animation

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Luffy faces off against Lucci while CP0 infiltrates Egghead Island in search of Dr. Vegapunk. What will happen to Luffy and the others, with Kizaru and the marines en route to the island and the arrival of seraphims that resemble the former sea warlords? Find out in One Piece Chapter 1070, with all the info you need right here!

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Here's What Happened Before One Piece Chapter 1070

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap King Du Feld
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Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1069 is entitled All Things Are Bought Into This World With Hope with a cover gracing MADS, the Loan Shark King Du Feld’s Laboratory of Peace.

At Egghead Island, Luffy and Lucci come face to face again after a very long time.

Now that Luffy is an emperor, Kaku reminds Lucci not to touch the Straw Hat without orders, which Stussy agrees with.

According to Stussy, emperors have such considerable backing behind them that even a small tiff can flare up into an all-out war.

As a result, Stussy directs one of her men to contact the navy as soon as possible.

Luffy runs forward to where Cipher Pol 0 (CP0) is not until he sees the helpless state of Vegapunk Atlas on the ground after handing over Bonney to Jinbe.

As a result, Luffy directs Chopper to do everything he can for Atlas, to which Chopper responds that Atlas' condition is more of Franky's forte.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap Lucci
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Credit: Toei Animation

While Lucci warns Luffy not to meddle in the affairs of the official government, the latter mentions that Atlas provided them with food.

At the Marine Headquarters, Akainu receives the report that the Straw Hat Pirates are on Egghead Island.

Akainu believes that Dr. Vegapunk has made a deal with the Straw Hat Pirates and that both are now against Cipher Pol 0, which would be a significant blow to their military superiority.

When Akainu learns that Kizaru has already left for Egghead as planned, he orders his men to inform Lucci that he must wait for the marines and not engage the Straw Hat Pirates under any circumstances.

However, back on Egghead Island, Luffy, in his Gear Five form, is already attacking Lucci despite the reservations of both of their allies.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Dr. Vegapunk's other satellites are watching Luffy and Lucci's heated encounter from Labophase.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap Lucci
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Credit: Toei Animation

They've all noticed how different Lucci appears now with his incredible speed, and Shaka mentions that Lucci has already awakened his devil fruit powers.

Lucci confidently displays his Cat Cat Fruit Leopard Model in its awakened form, while Kaku requests that he stand down because they still do not have permission to engage from the navy.

That’s when the real Dr. Vegapunk arrives at Labophase. He immediately inquires the other members of the crew about Luffy’s new form, to which Nami replies that it might be one of Luffy’s gum-gum powers.

To the surprise of Usopp and the others, Dr. Vegapunk notices that there is no mention of Luffy's gum-gum powers in the old devil fruit encyclopedia.

What's more, Luffy's Gear Five form reminds Dr. Vegapunk of the Sun God Nika from ancient texts.

According to Dr. Vegapunk, the Sun God Nika is the Warrior of Liberation, whose antics could bring a smile to anyone’s lips. This information is not disclosed because it has been erased from history.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

Dr. Vegapunk also speculates that devil fruits are a manifestation of the desire to see how different evolutionary paths can play out, as each of them can actualize wishes that show a different possibility for humanity's future.

Robin realizes that devil fruits are unnatural deviations in the sense that they enrage Mother Nature, which is why Luffy and everyone who has eaten a devil fruit are unable to swim in the sea.

While Luffy and Lucci are fighting, Sentomaru arrives along with three other seraphims that look like a young Jinbe, Boa Hancock, and Mihawk on the battleground.

Dr. Vegapunk, contrary to Sentomaru's expectations, orders him to pursue the Cipher Pol 0 and support the pirates, making Sentomaru a traitor.

Kaku initially plans to send the seraphim Kuma to take one of Sentomaru’s seraphims but Stussy enlightens him that it will not be of use since they are handicapped.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap Kaku
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Credit: Toei Animation

Sentomaru orders the seraphim Kuma to destroy Cipher Pol 0 instead, believing that his authority can trump the chip that CP0 possesses.

Automatically, the seraphim Kuma blasts off some of the members of Cipher Pol 0, including Kaku.

Even though the Five Elders have more authority than Sentomaru, Stussy reminds Kaku that they can't use the seraphim Kuma because it can't take orders through a transponder snail.

The Five Elders are at the top of the Pacifista command hierarchy, followed by Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites, Sentomaru, and anyone with an authority chip at the bottom.

Sentomaru orders seraphim Boa Hancock (S-Snake) to lead the Straw Hat Pirates to the vacuum rocket and see them safely through the frontier dome, while also dispatching seraphim Mihawk (S-Hawk) and seraphim Jinbe (S-Shark) to suppress the Cipher Pol 0.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Recap Chopper
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Credit: Toei Animation

When Jinbe and Chopper see the seraphims in action, they comment that they all look like ex-warlords.

Luffy, on the other hand, greets Sentomaru while still fighting Lucci.

Luffy refers to Sentomaru as Battle Axe because of his weapon, but Sentomaru refuses to acknowledge that they are friends.

Sentomaru inquires about Luffy's plans to assist Dr. Vegapunk in his escape from the island, which the Straw Hat confirms.

Just then, Lucci intervenes to stab Sentomaru with his Hand Gun, saying that all they need to do is take down the control tower.

Before the chapter ends, Lucci orders the seraphims to obey Cipher Pol 0 instead, as Sentomaru falls.

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Here's the Release Date of One Piece Chapter 1070

One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1070 is set to be released on December 25, 2022, in regions such as the US, the UK, and Europe.

This is a week's delay because of the manga's scheduled break to maintain print quality and staff health.

In Japan, Chapter 1070 is set to be released on December 26, 2022.

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Here's the Release Time of One Piece Chapter 1070

One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Time Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

In Japan, One Piece Chapter 1070 is set to be released on December 26, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST.

If this information remains correct, the following release times will apply to your location:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM (December 25, 2022)
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM (December 25, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 PM (December 25, 2022)
  • British Time: 5:00 PM (December 25, 2022)

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One Piece Chapter 1070 COUNTDOWN

One Piece Chapter 1070 COUNTDOWN

Please note that the countdown above follows the release time of One Piece Chapter 1070 in Japan.

Here Are the Spoilers and Predictions for One Piece Chapter 1070

One Piece Chapter 1070 Spoilers and Predictions Lucci
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Credit: Toei Animation

After a week's delay due to the manga's scheduled break, spoilers for the next chapter have finally been released.

One Piece Chapter 1070 spoilers reveal that the battle between Luffy and Lucci will continue on Egghead Island.

Dr. Vegapunk also reveals new information about the devil fruits, specifically Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi.

You may head over to our One Piece Chapter 1070 leaks article for more detailed info!

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