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One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers, Leaks Drop Major Lore Info About Vegapunk and the Void Century

One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers Jaguar D Saul

Just yesterday, the first batch of details about the next One Piece chapter leaked online. Now, another round of One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers have been shared online, and they drop massive lore-related reveals.

Specifically, these reveals involve Vegapunk, Dragon, and the Giants.

It also drops a major revelation regarding the Void Century and how it relates to the World Government which is keen on keeping information about it secret.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers in this article.

One Piece Chapter 1066 New Spoilers

one piece monkey d dragon
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In the previous set of spoilers, it was revealed that Monkey D. Dragon and Vegapunk were at Ohara after the World Government’s Buster Call.

There, they found out that some of the books in Ohara were not destroyed and were taken by Giants to Elbaf.

It was also revealed here that the Buster Call on Ohara was the reason Dragon formed the Revolutionary Army which opposes the World Government.

In the latest round of leaks, it was revealed that Vegapunk’s knowledge was gotten from the books that were saved from Ohara.

It was also shared that Dragon asked Vegapunk to join him, though the scientist believed he would be more useful in the World Government.

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The leaks also mention that Jaguar D. Saul is alive in Elbaf and that Vegapunk was able to talk to him.

It was also shared how Vegapunk was able to get the books and retain the precious information while he was on Elbaf.

Finally, Vegapunk stated that there was a war between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 countries of the current World Government.

He said that this war took place hundreds of years ago in the Void Century.

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The Truth About the Void Century Possibly Coming to Light

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If you need a refresher, the Void Century is a 100-year-long gap in the One Piece world’s written history.

Research on it is prohibited by the World Government, which is why the Ohara scholars who researched the topic were taken down during Robin’s childhood.

Up to this point, not a lot of information is available about the Void Century.

Now though, it seems that the events during those 100 years are key to figuring out the mysteries of the world, possibly including the One Piece itself.

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Of course, you’ll want to take these spoilers with a grain of salt.

To find out what will officially happen, you may want to wait for the release of the next chapter on Manga Plus and Weekly Shonen Jump this weekend.

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