The Rookie Season 5 Speculations, News & Update: Fan Favorite Couple Appears to Be Heading to a Massive Breakup

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

John Nolan and Bailey Nine began dating officially in Season 4, and have remained together ever since. While the couple is engaged in The Rookie Season 5, there are indications that Nathan Fillion's character may have another split.

Nolan and Bailey’s Tough Road To Being Together

Since the debut episode of The Rookie on ABC, Nolan's romantic life has been nothing short of a roller coaster. He relocated to Los Angeles after divorcing his son's mother, established a relationship with Lucy Chen that terminated as soon as they began their training, and dated several women before meeting Bailey.

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When her husband, Jason, returned to her life, they encountered a roadblock. However, Bailey eventually divorced Jason when the authorities arrested him.

In The Rookie Season 5, Rosalind Dyer, portrayed by Annie Wersching, locked Bailey in a lethal cage. The serial killer lured Nolan away from the crime scene with the promise that his girlfriend would be safe if he turned himself in. Before rescuing Bailey, Rosalind had one final request: she wanted Nolan to kill her.

Nolan was unable to murder Rosalind, and he believed that his inability resulted in Bailey's death. The LAPD and LAFD were able to save her, though. Later, Bailey proposed to Nolan, who accepted.

Are Noland and Bailey on the Verge of breaking up?

Although Nolan and Bailey's relationship in The Rookie Season 5 appears to be thriving on the surface, we've been picking up on slight hints that may indicate its approaching demise.

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In Episode 7, Bailey acknowledged that she had felt "off-center" since her engagement. In Episode 9, Nolan assisted the sister of Tim Bradford, Genny, in settling into her new house. And admirers could not help but see their chemistry.

The writers may have added another romantic interest for Nolan, knowing that his relationship with Bailey would not endure.

Fans discovered in Episode 14 that Nolan and Bailey will only invite two guests to their wedding. Accordingly, the wedding will not be as extravagant as most notable television marriages. Possibly because they never make it to the altar.

TVLine provides the last sign that Nolan and Bailey are headed for disaster. In The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16, the engaged couple will have their "first big fight," according to the publication.

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The Rookie Season 5 returns next week on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

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