Criminal Minds: Evolution News & Update: Showrunner Erica Messer Shares the Most Challenging Part of Bringing Back Spencer Reid

Credit: BUILD Series/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BUILD Series/YouTube Screenshot

Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer reveals why it is more difficult for characters such as Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid to return for the Paramount+ revival.

Fans have been discussing Gubler's absence for a while now, and many still can't seem to get over it. While the actor has not stated that he will not be participating in the Paramount+ reboot, cast member Paget Brewster effectively revealed that he will not be involved because he wants to pursue other career opportunities.

The CBS series was Gubler's first acting job, which he performed for 15 years. After the CBS program finished with a gratifying conclusion that Criminal Minds: Evolution is undoing, it was only natural for him to seek new opportunities. Reid's absence from several episodes in later seasons was, in fact due to his pursuit of other career opportunities.

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Erica Messer Explains Technicalities of Bringing Back Spencer Reid

Criminal Minds: Evolution consists of only 10 episodes, but a normal season of the original Criminal Minds on CBS consisted of up to 26 episodes, gradually decreasing towards the end. Messer explained to TVLine that the lesser number of episodes makes it more difficult to reintroduce certain characters, such as Reid, despite her desire for Reid to return.

"It'd be amazing. I'm not giving up hope on that," she emphasized.

"But I do know that everybody has these lives outside of our show, and that's the tricky part. We shoot [10 episodes] in such a short little window, whereas before with a 22 order and nine months of shooting I'd feel confident to say, "We'll find a way to get them in." But we don't have that [larger window], and they're off doing other things."

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The Unquestionable Influence of Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds

It is currently difficult to predict whether Reid will ever appear on Criminal Mind: Evolution. The show is only guaranteed for a 10-episode run; its renewal will depend on how well it is received, so if it occurs, it may be for a later season.

The current priority appears to be ensuring that the character's return occurs within the allotted time frame. However, the enthusiasm speaks much about Gubler's impact on the franchise.

For what it's worth, Criminal Mind: Evolution is open to Gubler's return.

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