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Noah Hawley's Star Trek Movie Will NOT Bring Back Abrams Cast

It looks like Paramount Pictures has decided to put the highly-anticipated Star Trek 4 on hold as the studio needs time to figure out how to proceed with the project. But will it be worth the wait if it doesn't feature any familiar faces? It has just been revealed that Noah Hawley's reboot will not feature any of the cast who appeared in the J.J. Abrams movies.

The report from Deadline confirms that Paramount is making the next Star Trek film its main priority, revealing that new film chief Emma Watts is currently "in the process of figuring out which way to go." With that in mind, the project's soft prep production is currently on hold until the studio makes a decision about the direction that the reboot should take.

So is it still a sequel or a reboot? The new details shared about Hawley's project confirmed that it "calls for a new cast" and a rather timely plot. Hawley's plan is supposed to involve a deadly virus which might not be the best way to go due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This is surprising news for fans who have been hoping to see the Abrams cast in Star Trek 4. After all, there was a negotiation battle that involved Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth to return in the movie. However, it looks like that particular project has been scrapped due to high costs.

Would you rather keep the Abrams cast in Star Trek 4? Is the Hawley reboot a better option that you're willing to wait for? Sound off in the comments below.

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