Nintendo Switch January Hands-on Event Dated According to New Report

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With the end of the year nearing, there's renewed hype on what can be expected of the Nintendo Switch. That's because the awaited event for the console draws closer, where we'll hopefully learn some new information about the console.

According to Polygon, this event may happen on Jan. 13, 2017. What's more, the report states that the Nintendo Switch may be featured at a five-hour event to be held in New York. The event will include a streamed presentation from the night before, something that's supposed to be the Tokyo webcast of the event. As expected, the event will also feature the details about the hardware.


Furthermore, industry makers and stakeholders will also be at the Tokyo presentation, wherein they will experience the event live. This isn't a surprise, since the announcement is also supposed to reveal the price and release date beyond the March 2017 launch timeframe.

So far, this announcement appears to be part of an invitation to a private hands-on event for the Nintendo Switch. This follows the expected official Jan. 12 presentation.

The Nintendo Switch has been wrapped in mystery for long enough. And this would definitely be a nice step towards more revelations, particularly because it will allow gamers to gauge where exactly they can place the hybrid-console in terms of the gaming sphere.

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