Nintendo Switch Gets Speculated New Feature & Price Teased

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The Nintendo Switch still pretty much remains a mystery even after its introductory trailer was revealed. However, trickles of information have been streaming in even before the expected January details launch.

For one, Let's Play Videogames has obtained some insider information, which revealed an important key feature that could very likely deal with battery issues for the device. Seeing as how the Nintendo Switch is a home console and a portable handheld device, there will surely be an issue for battery life.


After all, if it's a game console that's meant to be played while stuck in traffic (if you're in the backseat, at least), then you will need a way to charge it as you play.

This seems to be exactly what the source's new find is telling us. This feature is a USB-C port plug-in, situated at the center of the bottom part of the device. While Nintendo did not confirm, the leak suggests that it can be used to charge the Nintendo Switch while it's not on the Switch Dock.

However, this also seems to suggest that you will need to charge it elsewhere, and not during the time it's on the dock. Still, this will very much put your batter pack to good use—and share it with your Pokemon Go smartphone, but that's another story.

While Nintendo has yet to give any definitive statements about the exact release date and price off the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima did give a vague estimate on it.


At the recent Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing, Kimishima revealed that they are not planning to sell the Nintendo Switch at a loss.

Expect more to be revealed at the January 2017 event for the Nintendo Switch.

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