The Flash’s Wells Has a Secret And It’s Going to Change the Team

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Harrison Wells has always been a shady guy—no matter which Earth he was. And as much of a nice guy Tom Cavanagh can look and play the part, we share Barry's hesitation to completely trust him, especially after Earth-1 Wells's deception.

And it seems that we'll still be seeing quite a bit of him in the show in all his deceptive glory. The Flash season 3's current Wells is no different—but also different in a way from his former two doppelgangers. In an interview on the set of The Flash, tried to delve into the secret of the new Wells, and actor Cavanagh can only tease what's going to happen next.

"In the first season, he seems good but he's bad and in the second season, he seems bad, but he's good, and then in the third season—well, I wonder what he is? A bit of a con man."

So even if he may not be the Big Bad that we're looking at this season, we may be looking at a pain in the neck as much as he can be a fun foil to Cisco Ramon. In fact, his relationship with the nickname-giving member of Team Flash may take a turn for the comedic this time around.

Even though Wells and Cisco had played the straight man routine in some scenes, actor Carlos Valdes shares that it will be a nice dynamic to explore in the team.

"It's certainly going to give Tom Cavanagh a lot of playtime and has given him a lot of playtime so far. I think viewers can expect a lot of H.R.'s business and backstory to be rooted in some of his writing—specifically the narrative that he's tackling will reveal itself over coming episodes."

The Flash airs Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

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