Nintendo Switch Execs Hopeful About Launch & Third-Party Support

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The Nintendo Switch reveal trailer was merely a skimming over the surface facts of the company's new gaming console. And depending on how the fans and stakeholders will receive important details of the console come January next year, we may be expecting a far more hopeful view of the Nintendo Switch.

At the Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing (via DualShockers), Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima shared a few pointers on the console's launch plans and third-party support.

Kimishima pointed out that the trailer reveal may have started the hype train not only for the fans, but also for potential developers. According to Kimishima, many other third-party publishers appear to expressed their interest following the introductory video.

"We believe that third-party publishers have been able to realize that Nintendo Switch offers a chance to create new and exciting surprises, which are not possible with existing gaming devices."

This does bode well, since among the leading contenders in the new-gen gaming consoles, only the Nintendo Switch boasts the hybrid approach of home gaming and on-the-go play in one device.

During the time of the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, the company also showcased a conservative estimate of two million hardware shipping forecast for the Nintendo Switch. While some people saw this as Nintendo being cautious when it comes to its new hardware, the company also said that this was just an internal figure, and one that they are willing to revise and prepare for, in case an increase in demand happens.

The financial estimate was based on the one-month shipping for this fiscal year expected sometime in March. And from the looks of it, since Nintendo has not yet announced all that there is with the Nintendo Switch, it is preparing to increase the estimate particularly following the presentation and hands-on demos of the product in January.

The Nintendo Switch will be out sometime in March 2017.

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