How Old Is Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?

For the longest time, you may have noticed how Nick Fury, despite the other MCU characters continuing to grow in their age and physical appearances, remains somewhat static and unmoving to the flow of time in the MCU.

Of course, this could easily be pointed out based on how the actor, Samuel L. Jackson, is presented, but then again, the MCU is filled with wild theories and mysteries yet to be uncovered.

One of these mysteries, you may be wondering, is how old is Nick Fury really in Secret Invasion?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Secret Invasion, so read at your own risk!

Does Nick Fury Age in the MCU?

How Old Is Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?
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You’d be surprised at how mortal Nick Fury really is. Considering we usually only see him lurking in the dark behind-the-scenes as he gathers his best agents and keeps the Avengers in line, it is easy to forget that he, too, ages with the times.

There is no actual indication that Fury does not age in the MCU, from what we know.

Technically, it has something to do with the fact that we barely see him on-screen as much as the starring superheroes.

It has something to do with the immortalization of his presence as the ‘man behind the strings.’

See, canonically, in the Marvel comic books, Fury landed in a landmine accident in which a phenomenon known as the ‘Infinity Formula’ essentially slowed down his aging process. But there’s a catch to taking this drug.

The carrier of the drug must take this annually in order to stop time from catching him up to his deathbed.

Though this hasn’t been established in the MCU yet, Fury is, in all forms, a mortal human who ages gradually just like everybody else.

If you noticed though, the Fury we see in Secret Invasion is quite older than he looks compared to the previous MCU films and series he was involved in. Apart from the actor’s portrayal of his character for over 15 years, this huge age gap was explained by none other than Samuel L. Jackson himself.

Jackson had recently addressed Fury’s signs of aging in Secret Invasion and admitted finding it endearing in an interview with Empire Magazine:

“All those things are part of a Nick Fury that’s invulnerable. Here, you have a guy who’s showing his face, and showing his age. It’s an opportunity to humanize someone that everybody thinks is superhuman. It’s great to have an opportunity to find out who he was and delve into how much of a toll his job actually takes on his personal life.”

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So, How Old Is Nick Fury, Really, in the MCU?

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How Old is Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Disney

Secret Invasion is pretty timely to ask this question, especially since it is set at present time on the MCU timeline. To be more specific, the year 2025 has fallen on Earth-616 and Fury has begun showing the true signs of aging in the Disney Plus series.

In the Captain Marvel movie, Nick Fury had his confirmed birthdate on display, which is on April 7, 1950. Remember that the Captain Marvel movie is set in 1990s on the MCU timeline.

Now, we also have to take into consideration the time that he got Blipped. Since time stopped for those who turned to dust during the Blip, Fury would have been 75 years old in the MCU.

The easiest number to pin would be Fury being around 70 years old, given that he was in his late 60s during the time Thanos blipped half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War.

Fury is evidently not getting any younger as Secret Invasion even seemingly sets up to be his 'last fight' against the Skrulls determined to conquer the earth for their new Skrullos.

Not to mention, as seen in Secret Invasion Episode 1, he's definitely become rusty in targeting the enemy. In spite of his insistence that he is not backing down from the fight, he had lost a commendable ally from his side.

Will Fury take this stance and manage to save the earth from Gravik's Skrulls?

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