Who Dies in Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury looking at his side without an eyepatch
Credit: Marvel Studios

Nick Fury looking at his side without an eyepatch
Credit: Marvel Studios

There have been several character deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So, who dies in Secret Invasion?

In Marvel’s Secret Invasion, Nick Fury comes back to Earth to prevent a Skrull invasion. The Avengers are not in Secret Invasion, but Fury does have other allies, such as Talos.

We also see a different kind of Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, and the series highlights the character’s changes after the Blip.

So, who dies in Secret Invasion? Here are the character deaths in Secret Invasion.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion. Read at your own risk!

Is Talos Dead?

Talos in human form talking
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Talos dies in the fourth episode of Secret Invasion. When Talos and Fury try to save the President during an attack, Talos gets shot and reverts back to his Skrull form.

A soldier helps Talos get up, and Fury notices that something's not right. "Put him down, now!" Fury demands.

Fury shoots the soldier, and the soldier turns into Gravik. Gravik then stabs Talos in the chest.

It appears that Talos' death is permanent as we last see him lying on the ground, succumbing to his wounds.

In Episode 5, G'iah emphasizes to Fury that Talos died on a foreign planet and a foreign road. She then says that she needs to bury her father, and Fury tells her that Priscilla knows what to do.

G'iah and Priscilla then hold a cremation ceremony for Talos. Priscilla says the prayer, and G'iah says in Skrull language, "Travel well to your beyond, Father."

Later on, G'iah shares with Priscilla that she told Talos that he was a failure. Gi'ah then asks, "What kind of daughter says that to her father?"

Priscilla responds, "The kind that intends to make it up to him the next time she sees him."

So, while there were questions as to whether Talos is really dead, the fifth episode of Secret Invasion confirms that Talos did indeed die.

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Did G'iah Die?

G'iah holding a gun
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Credit: Marvel Studios

It appears that G’iah dies in the third episode of Secret Invasion. While G’iah was initially on Gravik’s side, things changed when she learned that he had something to do with her mother’s death.

So, she’s been passing on information to her father Talos about Gravik’s plans. However, Gravik finds out that she’s the mole and confronts her.

G’iah asks Gravik if he’s a “leader of Skrulls or our worst enemy?” Gravik doesn’t answer her question and shoots her in the chest.

G'iah teaming up with someone
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Credit: Marvel Studios

We then see G’iah on the ground bleeding and back to her Skrull form. This is an indication that she’s dead considering that when Skrulls die, they revert back to their original form.

However, due to the fact that G'iah still has some scenes in the trailer for Secret Invasion that have yet to appear in the show, there was speculation that she isn't really dead.

The fourth episode of Secret Invasion confirms that G'iah is still alive, thanks to the Super-Skrull formula.

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Is Maria Hill Dead?

Maria Hill furiously looking at Nick Fury
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Maria Hill dies in the first episode of Secret Invasion. Hill was a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who worked closely with Nick Fury.

However, things changed between them after the Blip, as Fury was no longer in contact with her. In Secret Invasion, Hill, Fury, and Talos try to stop an attack from the Skrulls on Unity Day.

However, Gravik successfully detonates the bombs which causes chaos. Hill helps civilians, but then “Fury” calls her.

As Hill was approaching “Fury,” the latter shoots her. The real Fury arrives, and the one impersonating Fury is revealed to be Gravik.

Maria Hill dying in Fury's arms
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Fury holds a dying Maria Hill, and the latter says, “It was you.” Fury responds that it wasn’t him, but he’s forced to leave and abandon her.

The last shot we see is Maria Hill lying on the ground, bleeding to death. She no longer moves, and the camera zooms out until all we see is a black screen before the credits.

In Episode 2, Maria Hill's casket is loaded onto a plane. Her mother, Elizabeth, asks Fury how she died.

Fury admits that someone wanted to hurt him, so they hurt her. He apologizes for not being able to protect Maria.

Elizabeth then tells Fury that she doesn't know what her daughter died for out there, but "whatever it was, don't let it be for nothing."

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Did Gravik Die?

Gravik regenerating
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Gravik dies in the sixth episode of Secret Invasion. He was killed by G’iah, who also turns out to be a Super Skrull like him.

G’iah initially appears as Nick Fury until Gravik attacks. To Gravik’s surprise, “Fury” strikes back, and it’s revealed that G’iah was disguised as Fury.

The two fight each other until G’iah overpowers Gravik. G’iah defeats Gravik with Mantis and Captain Marvel’s abilities.

She blasts a hole in Gravik’s body, and we last see Gravik lying lifeless on the ground.

Skrull Rhodey/Raava’s Death Explained

Skrull Rhodey/Raava looking up
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Raava, the Skrull who’s been impersonating Rhodey, dies in the sixth episode of Secret Invasion.

While G’iah was fighting Gravik, Fury was at the hospital telling President Ritson about the rebel Skrulls.

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As Fury convinces the President that “Rhodey” is a Skrull and that he’s looking at his enemy, Raava tries to shoot Fury, but Fury shoots her first in the head.

Raava’s true form is revealed, and we find out that the real Rhodey was held hostage in the Skrull compound “for a long time.”

How Did Soren Die? Soren's Death Explained

Soren and Talos inside a car
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Soren was the wife of Talos and one of the Skrull refugees in Captain Marvel (2019). In 2024, she and Talos pretend to be Maria Hill and Nick Fury, as seen in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

In the first episode, we learn that Soren dies before the events of Secret Invasion. When Nick Fury meets with Talos, the latter talks about a Skrull sky plant and that Soren brought the seed with her wherever she went.

Nick Fury then apologizes to Talos, and the latter responds, “Soren loved you.” Later on, when Talos confronts his daughter, G’iah, he reveals that Soren’s last words were “Find G’iah.”

G'iah talking
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Credit: Marvel Studios

G’iah asks how her mother died, and Talos responds, “Why don’t you ask the people that you work for?”

Later on, G’iah agrees to meet Talos in secret. Talos tells her that Soren died while G’iah was working for her killer.

G’iah reveals Gravik’s plans, and Talos tells her that Soren would be proud of her coming to see him.

So, Soren dies before Secret Invasion, and the ones responsible for her death are Gravik and the Skrulls planning to take over Earth.

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Agent Prescod and Skrull Everett Ross' Deaths Explained

Agent Prescod talking to Skrull Agent Ross
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Agent Prescod was a CIA agent who uncovered a Skrull conspiracy to take over Earth. In the opening scene of Secret Invasion, Agent Prescod tells Agent Everett Ross (who’s later revealed to be a Skrull imposter) about terrorist attacks over the year and how they’re linked to the Skrulls.

He explains that things with the Skrulls started 30 years ago when the Skrulls found Earth. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury promised to find them a new planet, but now they want Earth.

Prescod tells Ross that Skrulls can be anybody and anywhere at any time and that there could be tens of thousands of them. Ross says that he needs evidence, and not just theories to bring Nick Fury down from S.A.B.E.R.

Skrull Everett Ross listening to Agent Prescod
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Prescod shows Ross the evidence needed, and Ross says that he’ll give the information to Fury. Prescod becomes suspicious of Ross and attacks him, but the latter shoots Prescod.

Later on, Talos pursues Ross and the latter falls from a building. Before he dies, his true form appears. Maria Hill then tells Talos, “He was one of you,” to which Talos responds, “No, he’s… He… He’s one of them.”

So, the one who killed Agent Prescod was a Skrull impersonating Agent Ross. In the sixth episode, we find out that the real Agent Ross was held hostage in the Skrull compound along with the real Rhodey.

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