New Pokemon Go Issues Spotted: Broken Nearby Tracker and Mobile Data Use

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As Pokemon Go arrives in more countries and infects more people to be the very best trainer there ever was, issues related to the app continue to surface.

This time, both new and old trainers may want to know that there are two new issues that may impinge them on their quest for greatness. The first is the broken Nearby tracker, which is an essential feature in Pokemon Go.

Advertisement spotted the issue, which debilitates players and prevents them from locating a Pokemon near where they are. According to the source, the issue was linked to Google Maps API. Currently, the bug is still in place, with no word from Niantic Labs on what it is conducting to fix the feature.

It may take a while since the goal of the team has been to roll out Pokemon Go to many players for its first few weeks. Still, the Nearby tracker still hints at whether there is a Pokemon near you. At best you can still know if you're moving towards that Pokemon or if you're going farther away, which is hinted at whether another Pokemon will appear in front of the Pokemon you were previously chasing after.

The other, though not really a debilitating issue, was raised by Cam Cullen, VP of Global Marketing for Procera Networks. In his blog post, Cullen examined just how much Pokemon Go is impacting the mobile networks of the app's users. Tin examining a European mobile network that has two million subscribers, it showed that a three-hour period, there were more than 7% active users playing Pokemon Go.

While the current status of Pokemon Go in relation to its data usage is still fairly low, the plans that Niantic Labs has for the app may be a game changer. This may be the case once the developer kicks in the third-party sponsorship idea. In the long run, this may be something that mobile networks may want to allocate and plan accordingly.

If Pokemon Go will be anything like top games such as Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga, which continue to receive support from players years after its launch, its overall effect on mobile operations may hint at significant changes for telecoms worldwide.

Pokemon Go is already available in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and some parts of Europe. You can already download it via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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