06 Jul 2016 10:19 AM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Go Is Out Now! Here are Some Cool Fan Shots

Were you one of those who spent a good part of the day trying to see if there was a Pokemon lurking around your home, office or school? Now that Niantic Labs has released the much awaited AR game Pokemon Go, fans have whipped out their phones and took snapshots of the closest thing that a Pokemon can exist in real life.

From inside a bathroom store to right in front of your door, here are some fans who took some of the coolest screenshots to date.

One fan already got a Charmander at the onset.


From Zmore Gamer, who was faced with a Zubat in the middle of the street.

What will you do when you find this adorable Cubone in front of your house?

This Caterpie was found near a field. I guess this is what the developer meant by some Pokemon located in areas they would usually inhabit?

The winning photo would have to be this Pidgey, who appears to be staring down its captor. Better knock next time!

Pokemon Go is already out on the iOS and Android, with launches confirmed for the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. The Pokemon Go Plus accessory will also be released this month to make catching more Pokemon easier in the game.

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