Spy x Family Part 2 Dub Release Date: When Will It Be Dubbed in English?

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Spy x Family Dub Release Date When Will It Be Dubbed in English Anya Forger
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Spy x Family Part 2 premiered on October 1, 2022. The first part of the anime was popular not only in Japan but all around the world. As such, fans might be wondering if Spy x Family Part 2 will be dubbed in English, and when the dubbed version will come out, if ever.

It has been confirmed that Crunchyroll will stream the series, much to its subscribers' excitement.


The streaming platform is known to offer dubbed versions of anime, so fans are really expecting that Spy x Family Part 2 will also get dubbed, but when?

When Will Spy x Family Part 2 Be Dubbed in English?

When Will Spy x Family Part 2 Get Dubbed in English Yor and Anya Forger

The English dubbed version of Spy x Family Part 2 was released on Crunchyroll on October 18, 2022. Dubbed episodes are released a day after the new episode airs at 4:30 AM JST.


Part 1 was dubbed in other languages such as German and French, so viewers can expect the same for Part 2 as well.

Loid will be voiced by Alex Organ, Yor will be voiced by Natalie Van Sistine, and Anya will be voiced by Megan Shipman.

Other anime titles that will receive a dubbed version as well are Chainsaw Man and My Hero Academia Season 6, along with other fall anime shows.

Sadly, Crunchyroll no longer offers a free trial version for new releases.

Interested viewers will have to register and become members to watch Spy x Family and other shows on the said platform.

Membership will cost $9.99 per month, which will allow viewers to access the site’s libraries, enjoy offline viewing, and experience ad-free shows.

The simulcast feature is also included, giving viewers a chance to stream their favorite show one hour after it releases in Japan.


What to Expect From Spy x Family Part 2

What to Expect From Spy X Family Part 2 Forger Family

It appears that Anya will get a pet in Part 2, so fans can expect a new addition to the family who'll be joining them in the upcoming episodes.

Anya and Bond, a mysterious white dog with powers, will get closer together after they stop a terrorist bombing attack to save Loid.


Part 2 might also cover the Campbelldon Tennis Arc and the Great Cruise Adventure Arc.

Take note that these are just speculations from fans as it has not yet been confirmed which volumes will get adapted for the second part of Spy x Family.

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