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Netflix Shares Lady Gaga's Transformation as Wednesday

Netflix Shares Lady Gaga's Transformation as Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

From the release of Tim Burton's series, Wednesday, on Netflix, the show garnered praises for the new iteration of the Addams Family, that it even reached the point that huge stars like Lady Gaga wore her very own interpretation of the titular character, and Netflix has shared the Mother Monster's version.

Even huge names in the industry took interest on Wednesday, one that could definitely standout is Lady Gaga's very own iteration of being Wednesday which confirms that the Mother Monster, is, a huge fan of the Netflix series.

The clip has been released by Netflix where Lady Gaga prepared herself to be like Wednesday as she does her own make-up, braids of hair, and dances the now-iconic moves of Jenna Ortega's Wednesday.

Wednesday gained popularity from the moment it was released on Netflix and it continuously brings in more people to support the show in various ways, thus being one of the top releases of Netflix this year, even surpassing that of Stranger Things which makes Wednesday quite remarkable.

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Given these circumstances, Wednesday Season 2 could be given a green light despite having no confirmation yet from anyone involved in the show. Netflix still practices the 28-day viewership period to decide whether a series could potentially get a second season or not.

Wednesday follows the titular spooky and kooky Addams family member who entered Nevermore academy where she deals with a new environment and at the same time, tries to establish new friendships while trying to solve a mysterious series of murders happening in town.

Wednesday is directed by Tim Burton with Jenna Ortega as the titular Addams family member, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin, Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems, and Christina Ricci as Ms. Thornbill.

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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