Netflix's One Piece Live-Action Reveals Main Theme

One Piece Live-Action Main Theme Usopp
Credit: Netflix

One Piece Live-Action Main Theme Usopp
Credit: Netflix

As the show’s release is just a bit over a week away, Netflix continues to reveal more details about the upcoming One Piece series. Recently, Netflix revealed the main theme of the One Piece live-action series titled Wealth Fame Power.

Take note, this main theme is an instrumental piece that’s considered the primary piece of music for the series’ score. This isn’t a theme song that accompanies the show’s opening credits.

Along with the new official theme, Netflix has also been releasing even more promos for the series, including more cast interviews and screenshots.

Netflix Continues to Ramp Up One Piece Live-Action Promotion

one piece live-action zoro
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Credit: Netflix

The One Piece live-action series was announced way back in early 2020, but after its reveal, Netflix has been pretty much radio silent in the two years that followed.

In 2022, there were several reports about the show’s production, but Netflix itself has continued to be silent regarding the show. But things changed this year as Netflix finally started promoting the movie.

The promotion started with a teaser visual earlier this year, followed by trailers and screenshots starting in June.

Now, Netflix continues to ramp up promotion for the series with cast interviews and featurettes.

Most recently, the show’s official X (formerly Twitter) account shared an interview with Mackenyu, the actor of Zoro.

This follows another interview with Nami actress Emily Rudd which was released a few days ago.

There’s also the special behind-the-scenes feature of Luffy actor Iñaki Godoy as he got to visit the Shueisha office where he got to see Eiichiro Oda’s original drawings for the manga’s first chapter.

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One Piece Live-Action Main Theme Revealed

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Credit: Netflix

To further hype up the series, Netflix released the show’s main theme titled Wealth Fame Power on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

This main theme is made by Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli who also composed music for Netflix’s The Witcher.

While only one song is available now, the rest of the series’ soundtrack will be released on the same day as its premiere.

Many fans expressed their excitement for the show after hearing the theme as they think the track is perfect for the series.

It’ll be interesting to see if the series will have a proper opening song. After all, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop used the anime’s iconic theme Tank! for its opening credits.

The One Piece live-action series will be released on Netflix worldwide on August 31, 2023.

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