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NCT Doyoung Talks About Fading Dreams Before Group's Recent Daesang Win

Credit: NCT/YouTube Screenshot

NCT Doyoung had deep thoughts following NCT 127’s win at the Seoul Music Awards.

On Sunday, the 31st Seoul Music Awards kicked off its ceremony at the Gocheok Sky Dome, with Kim Sung Joo, AOA Seolhyun, and Boom as its host.

NCT’s sub-unit, NCT 127, scored their second Daesang (Grand Prize) since the group’s debut. They also won a Bonsang (Main Award) at the same ceremony. Previously, NCT 127 got their first Daesang at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. The group’s leader, Taeyong, delivered a heartfelt speech thanking everyone who helped them reach the new milestone.

Meanwhile, Doyoung opened his heart and tearfully said he dreamt of having such an award for a long time.

“Thank you for giving us such a great award. This is all due to the fans. It even makes me think, ‘Is it okay for us to receive this award?’ We will keep working hard so that we can become artists that suit an award like this. I want to say thank you to the members’ parents at this time as well.”

But before winning their second Daesang, Doyoung had deep thoughts about how his dreams seemingly began to fade away despite the boy group’s success.

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NCT 127 Member Doyoung Says His Dreams Started to Fade After Debut

After bringing home the new title, Doyoung shared his honest thoughts about winning the Daesang, saying that his dreams started to fade after debuting as an idol.

In a heartfelt post on his Instagram Stories, the K-pop idol gave his thoughts and got honest with the fans.

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“Before our debut, back when I was a trainee, I had big and lofty dreams, and winning a Daesang was a big part of those dreams. But as time passed, because I was busy racing ahead while thinking about the present instead of the distant future, I felt that those dreams gradually faded, diminished, and even disappeared. At first, I was sad and regretful, but even that feeling dulled with time,” he said.

But after hearing the award-giving body called NCT 127, he reportedly got reminded of those days when he had big dreams. He then felt overwhelmed with emotion that he could not put his feelings into words.

In one part, he thanked his fans for reminding him not to give up and forget his dreams. With that, he pledged to work harder in the future and repay fans with great music and performances.

Doyoung Gives Fans Gift With Taeil, Xiaojun, and Renjun

Before NCT 127’s win, Doyoung – together with the three members of the boy group – shared an exclusive clip of them singing the ballad version of Good Night.

The idols dropped the special clip through SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel, showing the idols flaunt the track from their third album, Universe. With the live version of the performance, fans can now see their visuals while enjoying their soothing voices that court them.

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