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Free Zia Deletes SNS Posts Featuring Designer Brands Product Amid Backlash

Credit: FREE ZIA/YouTube Screenshot

Free Zia, whose real name is Song Ji Ah, recently caused a massive commotion after internet users found out she was wearing fake branded clothes and items.

In one of Netflix's original reality show, Single's Inferno, Free Zia flaunted her visuals which she bejeweled with luxurious items and clothing. However, viewers who saw what she wore in the show – including items with Chanel's logo – found out that those were all wake.

They started investigating her social media accounts when Free Zia wore a knit Chanel shirt BLACKPINK Jennie once wore. Internet users noticed that those clothes were different, and there is no way the BLACKPINK member would wear a fake Chanel item since she is a global ambassador of the brand.

With that, people started calling her out and listed all the fake items she had on Nate Pann and Theqoo. Shortly after going viral, Free Zia started deleting her posts and penned an apology letter.

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Free Zia Says Sorry For Wearing Fake Brands

On her Instagram page, the YouTube star deleted all her posts that featured her fake branded clothes and items before sharing a handwritten apology statement.

According to Free Zia, the claims about the fake designer products she wore on social media and Single's Inferno are true. She then apologized to the companies and designers for infringing their copyrights by wearing counterfeit items.

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"As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize the controversy and reflect deeply. All content with exposed fakes has been deleted. I also apologize to the brands who were harmed because of me," she said.

Free Zia extended her apologies to her fans, subscribers, and brand ambassadors who were left hurt because of what she did.

Despite her apology letter, internet users continuously called her out and slammed her for using fake items. However, one YouTuber recently came forward and said that Free Zia is seemingly unaware that her clothes are fake.

Is Free Zia a Victim?

The entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho recently weighed in the issue about Free Zia's fake items, saying that she probably did not know that she wore imitations.

According to him, it was unnecessary for Free Zia to show luxury brands unless they were sponsored. Lee Jin Ho said that fake items on the market are often categorized as S-Class and A-Class, but everything Free Zia wore was poorly re-created.

Free Zia has not addressed whether she knew those items were fake, but Lee Jin Ho believed that she might have been carried away as she established an image online who needs to wear high-end products all the time.

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