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ONEUS Leedo Announces Return After Facing Health-Related Issues

Credit: ONEUS/YouTube Screenshot

ONEUS Leedo gave his fans good news after going on a hiatus for a week.

The first few days of the new year did not pass according to ONEUS’s will. Unfortunately, the boy group’s agency announced on January 12 that ONEUS member Leedo would take a break from their promotions and performances due to health issues.

RBW Entertainment confirmed that the K-pop idol was diagnosed with skin inflammation on the soles of his feet. The agency did not provide further details about the exact diagnosis, but it revealed that Leedo was advised to be more cautious with his daily activities even after recovery.

After a week of his recovery period, the K-pop idol will formally resume his activities again.

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ONEUS Leedo Ready to Perform on Stage Again

RBW Entertainment revealed on Thursday that the ONEUS member has already recovered and will resume his activities again.

It revealed that Leedo lessened his participation in ONEUS’s daily activities for a week while receiving treatment for his feet soles. Following a follow-up consultation on Monday, the specialist reportedly informed the management that Leedo’s inflammation had already subsided.

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To guarantee that he was already healed, Leedo continued to rest for a few more days before officially returning to the group’s scheduled activities. The label then assured to monitor all the idols’ health to ensure that a similar issue will not happen again.

“Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing concern to fans who love ONEUS and Leedo. In the future, we will work to prevent the reoccurrence of Leedo’s inflammation and move forward while more closely checking our artists’ health. Thank you,” the statement went on.

Another ONEUS Member is On Hiatus

While Leedo already confirmed his return, ONEUS fans still have to wait for another member who also suffered from a health issue.

RBW Entertainment’s initial statement revealed that Xion would also step back from activities and promotions after suffering from a knee injury. Unfortunately, his case could take his recovery period longer than expected.

“As for Xion, he slightly strained his knee while coming down the stairs and is currently wearing a knee brace. Xion also expressed his intention to proceed with the performance, but on January 5, a medical professional advised him to take it easy for one to two weeks, so he is going to be taking a break for a while so that he won’t strain himself,” the statement continued.

It remains unknown whether Xion would join the group in the upcoming US tour, Blood Moon.

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