Why Did Toya Todoroki Become Evil?

Why Did Toya Todoroki Become Evil?

Why Did Toya Todoroki Become Evil?

One of the most shocking events in My Hero Academia is the revelation of Paranormal Liberation Front’s Dabi’s true identity as Toya Todoroki. And yes, you read that right. He is Shoto’s brother and the eldest son of Endeavor. But why is Toya Todoroki evil anyway? Will he ever become good?

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How Did Toya Todoroki Become Evil?

Why is Toya Todoroki Evil?
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Like every Todoroki child, Toya was a positive and energetic kid. He loved his father and was excited to learn more about Endeavor’s abilities.

As the first child, Toya was expected to be Endeavor's successor, which caused him to train non-stop to please his father.

However, when Shoto was born and became Endeavor's new successor, Toya entered a state of depression and existential crisis.

He lost his purpose in life. Instead of starting a new path, he became obsessed with the idea of achieving his father’s goal.

Eventually, he became so dangerous to the point that he was willing to risk his own life just to get his father’s approval.

When Toya still did not get the result he wanted, he broke down. He abandoned himself and turned into Dabi, a villain that does not listen to anyone, even All For One.

Now, Dabi’s new goal is to eliminate Endeavor, even if it costs him his life.

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Will Dabi Become Good Again?

Is There a Chance for Toya Todoroki to Be Good?
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It will be good character development if Toya becomes good again, but the chance is slim.

Toya became Dabi because of the hatred he felt for his father. It was the same hatred that triggered Toya to improve himself and become better, despite the negative motivation.

It was also his choice to become a villain, as no one convinced him. It was solely his own free will.

Even if some might argue that Endeavor’s lousy parenting caused everything that happened to Toya, in the end, it was his choice to join the League of Villains.

He has done terrible things since he turned into Dabi, so redemption is nearly out of the picture.

Surely, there were a lot of chances for him to change his mind. He could've been a hero and not followed his father's path, like Shoto, but he ended up as a bad guy.

Unfortunately, Toya chose the dark path and will most likely stay there until he dies.

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