Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

It is normal in My Hero Academia for heroes to idolize another hero. While Deku is the most popular fanboy in the hero anime, Hawks is another fanboy. But why does Hawks idolize Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

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Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor?

Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor Hawks
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Endeavor’s character is not as perfect as All Might's. He is known for his abusive past, his explosive mood swings, and his intense desperation to be better than All Might. Despite all of these, Hawks considers the Flame Hero as his favorite. But why?

Endeavor is Hawks’ childhood hero. When he was a child, Hawks was not on good terms with his father, who killed someone over money, and his mother, who helped him escape.

Hawks was treated with disdain. But everything changed when Endeavor arrested his father.

Why Is Hawks a Huge Fan of Endeavor
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Hawks’ loyalty towards Endeavor remained the same even after he learned about the Todoroki family.

He felt a connection with the Todoroki children as he experienced the same thing when he was a child.

However, he firmly believes that, unlike his own father, Endeavor has changed and is more than willing to fix his family.

The Wing Hero supports Endeavor’s goal of improving himself as Hawks is working on moving on from his trauma as well.

Hawks believes that helping the Flame Hero will also help him in return.

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Hawks and Endeavor’s Relationship

Hawks and Endeavor’s Relationship Hawks
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Before it was revealed that Hawks looks up to Endeavor, the two had a complicated relationship. They clearly do not get along with each other because Endeavor's temper does not allow him to get along well with other heroes. He tends to be cold, driving other heroes and people away from him.

Despite this, the two heroes do their best to look out for each other. When the two had to face a High-End Nomu, Endeavor and Hawks used a combination attack, focusing on their best attacks, to win.

Hawks and Endeavor relationship endeavor
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It's easy for the two heroes to work together as their fighting styles complement each other. This makes it entertaining to see them in battle.

They know how to use their respective abilities and maximize each other's skills for the best result, allowing them to create the perfect strategy to win.

Endeavor attacks while Hawks supports. Together, they are an unbeatable duo that enemies should look out for.

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