My Hero Academia: The Himura Family Explained

My Hero Academia: The Himura Family Explained

My Hero Academia: The Himura Family Explained

My Hero Academia has introduced tons of characters over the years, including the Himura family. But there isn’t enough information about them.

Who are they? What is their purpose? Are they a friend or foe? All these questions will be answered in this article, so keep reading until the end!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga!

Who Are the Members of the Himura Family?

Who Are the Members of Himura Family?
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Not much has been explained about the Himura family in the anime. But in Chapter 387 of the manga, the series delved deeper into the family and its background.

Some of you might not know, but the first member of the Himura family to debut in the fantasy anime is Rei Himura, the mother of Shoto Todoroki and the wife of Endeavor.

The now number-one hero chose her after knowing that she possesses the power of ice, the total opposite of his.

Aside from Rei and her children with Endeavor, Geten, a former lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front, is also part of the Himura family.

Though he cannot produce ice from his body, he can manipulate temperatures. Another member is Toya Todoroki, who can use frost.

From these characters alone, we can say that every member of the Himura family is strong.

Since there are probably more characters to be introduced in the future, there is a chance for the Himura family to reign once again.

What Is the Goal of the Himura Family?

What Is the Goal of the Himura Family?
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Not much has been explained about the Himura family’s past until Chapter 387. In this chapter, it was revealed that the family was exalted in Japan.

They own the Himura Village, where they were able to expand into branch families.

Their reign continued until meta abilities increased, causing the family to intermarry within different branches to prevent their blood from diluting.

This clearly shows that the goal of the Himura family is to maintain their status.

They failed, sadly, and ended up shutting themselves out from the rest of the world as their power continued to decrease.

Since most of the members of the Himura family are spread across the world, it is hard to determine what their goals will be moving forward.

So, Is the Himura Family Good or Evil?

Then, Is the Himura Family on the Good Side?
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Before, the Himura family was a bridge between the Quirk and Quirkless populations. They kept the balance and acted as guardians to ensure that the Quirkless are not abused by those with quirks.

This easily puts the Himura family on the good side. However, they became overprotective towards the Quirkless population, and they became obsessed with keeping their legacy to the point that they forced Rei to give up her firstborn child to keep the Himura line alive.

Not to mention, they force members of the family to marry one another. This puts them in a questionable position in terms of being moral or not.

But with the new generation of Himura family members, there is a chance that this will not happen again.

But until we are sure, we’ll place the Himura family in the gray area for now.

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