My Hero Academia Celebrates Todoroki’s Birthday With Special Promo Video

My Hero Academia Special Promo Video Todoroki

My Hero Academia Special Promo Video Todoroki

Today is fan favorite Shoto Todoroki’s birthday, and to celebrate, My Hero Academia released a new promo video for the manga that highlights the upcoming volume during Todoroki’s birthday.

While he may not be the main character of the series, Todoroki is still one of the most popular characters from the manga and the anime. So, it makes sense that he’s being given special treatment by the series.

Along with the trailer, fans are also celebrating his birthday with lots of new fan art and well wishes on social media.

Shoto Todoroki’s Popularity

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Todoroki, Deku, and Bakugo are considered by many to be the big three of not only Class 1-A but also of the entire series. This was also canonized in a way by being the main characters in the third My Hero Academia movie.

Their big three status makes sense as they’re considered the strongest heroes-in-training of their class.

While Deku and Bakugo as rivals solidify them as the strongest, Todoroki is no slouch, being the son of current #1 Pro Hero Endeavor.

Strength aside, Todoroki is also officially one of the series’ most popular characters.

In the annual popularity poll for the manga, the big three of the series have always been at the top of the standings.

Despite never reaching the top spot, Todoroki has never placed below third, meaning he continues to have a lot of fans.

If you follow the series, it’s easy to see why. Todoroki’s complicated family dynamics with Endeavor, along with his unique fire-and-ice power, definitely makes him one of the series’ best characters.

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My Hero Academia Todoroki Promo Video

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Todoroki’s birthday is on January 11, as confirmed officially by the My Hero Academia manga’s supporting materials.

In case you still had any doubts, the series' official Twitter account acknowledged his birthday and greeted him in a recent tweet.

You may check out the special promo video here:

Technically, this video also promotes Volume 36 which features Todoroki and Dabi on the cover.

But it also functions as a look back at Todoroki’s journey as it shows various manga panels featuring him.

Aside from the series’ official page, fans also celebrated his birthday online by creating artwork and sharing messages for their favorite character.

You’ll see more of Todoroki in both My Hero Academia Season 6 and the manga.

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Source: JUMP COMICS Channel, My Hero Academia Twitter account

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