My Hero Academia Chapter 368 Spoilers, Leaks Reveal Deku’s New One For All Ability

My Hero Academia Chapter 368 spoilers deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 368 spoilers deku

As things continue to heat up, the latest My Hero Academia Chapter 368 spoilers and leaks have been shared online, and they reveal lots of new info, including another One For All ability that Deku can use.

The new leaks have been making the rounds online via Twitter, causing the hashtag #MHA368 to trend once again.

As is the case every week, new manga leaks are shared online, including story details and manga scans ahead of the official Weekly Shonen Jump release.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible My Hero Academia Chapter 368 spoilers in this article.

my hero academia deku
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In case you need a refresher, Deku finally made his way to the All For One-controlled Tomura Shigaraki. But he is sent into a rage after seeing what happened to Bakugo.

Thankfully, Mirio was able to calm him down just enough so that he didn’t succumb to rage.

Based on the new round of leaks, the upcoming chapter sees All For One telling Shigaraki that he is no more and that he has essentially taken full control.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case as Nana Shimura, the seventh One For All user exclaims that Shigaraki is still inside.

AFO-Shigaraki and Deku soon clash, with Deku making full use of the other Quirks within One For All, including Fa Jin and Black Whip. Though Deku must hurry as it’s revealed that he only has five minutes to beat AFO-Shigaraki.

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In the fight, the second One For All user appears behind Deku and soon allows him to use the Quirk, Transmission.

According to the leaks, Transmission changes the speed of the target that gets hit, and Deku is able to use this to land solid hits to AFO-Shigaraki. The chapter then ends with Deku hitting a Detroit Smash on Shigaraki.

The action-packed chapter is a significant one given that it gives Deku a new power to play with.

While Deku has been able to unlock more abilities from previous users, the second has refused to help him, until now that is.

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Initial fan reactions are quite excited about the events, especially the leaked panels that show parallels between Deku and Bakugo.

There’s also a lot of discussion about the new Quirk that Deku has unlocked.

As always though, you may want to take these leaks with a grain of salt, especially as these aren’t official info. You’ll have to wait for the official release to find out what truly happens.

My Hero Academia Chapter 368 will be released officially in the next Weekly Shonen Jump issue in Japan and on Manga Plus internationally on Sunday.

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