How Strong Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?

How Strong Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

How Strong Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Kiyoka Kudou has the looks to die for, on top of all of his powers. He accomplished so much in life, and he will not waver in his position, both in his family and in the country he serves. But just how strong is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage pairs a damsel in distress with a strict but soft-hearted commander.

It is a romance anime straight from fairy tales that captured the hearts of its viewers as Kiyoka Kudou rescues Miyo Saimori from the grips of her abusive family in what seems like a Japanese Cinderella Story.

Spoiler Warning: There are My Happy Marriage light novel spoilers ahead!

How Important Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?

How Important Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

The most obvious answer to this question is that Kiyoka Kudou is the main male protagonist in My Happy Marriage. But plot-wise, how important is he?

For starters, Kiyoka is the head of the Kudou household, one of the most powerful clans in the story that aligned itself with the emperor.

He assumed his position in the Kudou household at such a young age after honing his combat skills and, most importantly, his gift.

Kiyoka is a genius, a child wonder who trained incredibly hard to reach where he is now in society.

At the time, societal ranks were important, and Kiyoka knew that he needed to value them; otherwise, their family would be thrown under the bus.

At present, Kiyoka acts as a commander for the special anti-grotesquerie unit, tasked with eliminating grotesqueries or vengeful spirits that threaten humanity.

As a formidable gift-user, Kiyoka stands on the front lines, as his abilities are deemed essential to preventing the worst from happening not only in the imperial capital but also to its people.

He is busy dealing with mysterious cases, such as carrying out large-scale operations to eradicate spirits that have been released from the burial grounds.

Kiyoka acts as the savior for our damsel in distress, Miyo Saimori. However, he has a negative reputation for sending his former fiancees away from his household.

Rumors even say that Kiyoka is a very abusive guy who doesn’t respect women and their values.

In reality, Kiyoka is a very understanding guy who has no time to waste on women with ill intentions.

He is not one to easily open his heart to people due to his trust issues and his important position in the country, which is why he is often misunderstood.

But thanks to Miyo’s existence, Kiyoka gradually changed, and he began to warm up to people, apart from his beautiful fiancée.

How Strong Is Kiyoka Kudou?

  How Strong Is Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

Kiyoka Kudou has complete mastery over his superior skills and abilities. He can control them flawlessly and use them against his opponents in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Technical skills-wise, Kiyoka has the gift of pyrokinesis, which means he can produce fire of his own free will.

He doesn’t have a hard time burning an object or a house, regardless of size, and he can also throw fireballs against his opponents.

Kiyoka can also use electrokinesis, the ability to use electrical force using his mind alone. He can also protect himself by using shield generation.

But this doesn’t mean that Kiyoka relies solely on his gifts, because he can easily defeat an opponent with combat prowess and swordsmanship alone.

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He moves with incredible speed, analyzes his opponents well, including their weaknesses, and doesn’t have hesitations in battle, as shown in his showdown against Arata Tsuruki.

Kiyoka is a formidable fighter who is blessed with gifts, which he developed so much to get to the level they are now.

What Is Kiyoka Kudou's Weakness?

What Is Kiyoka Kudou's Weakness in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

Yes, Kiyoka has a weakness, and it’s none other than Miyo herself. In the face of Miyo, Kiyoka feels weak and hopeless, and he will not think twice about sacrificing himself just to make sure that the love of his life is safe.

Not only does Kiyoka’s usual strict and cold demeanor waver, but he can’t also think rationally when it comes to Miyo’s safety.

He will go above and beyond to save Miyo, even if he doesn’t know what dangerous situation he’s getting himself into.

On the other hand, Kiyoka also has compassion in his heart when it comes to his soldiers. It’s not a bad thing, but it often gets in the way of his duty.

At some point, Kiyoka jumped in front of his comrade, falling victim to the grotesquerie they were eradicating.

This led to him being trapped in a nightmare-like fantasy where he was also trapped in a time loop, fighting vengeful spirits like there was no tomorrow.

This information reached Miyo, and she hurried over only to find an unconscious and defeated Kiyoka lying almost lifeless on the floor.

Thanks to Arata’s suggestion, Miyo used her dream sight for the very first time to successfully retrieve Kiyoka’s soul from the grotesqueries’ grudge.

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