Do Kiyoka and Miyo End Up Together in My Happy Marriage?

Do Kiyoka and Miyo End Up Together in My Happy Marriage?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Do Kiyoka and Miyo End Up Together in My Happy Marriage?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

My Happy Marriage is set during the Meiji Restoration Era when noble daughters are arranged for weddings to gain more power. In Miyo's case, her arranged marriage with Kiyoka is more of an escape from her miserable life. So, do Kiyoka and Miyo end up together in My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage is a historical, romantic, and fantasy anime based on Akumi Agitogi's light novel of the same name.

It centers around Miyo, an unwanted Saimori child, and her fiancée, Kiyoka Kudou, who is rumored to be a cruel man!

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Does Miyo Like Kiyoka?

Yes, Miyo Saimori likes Kiyoka Kudou in My Happy Marriage. It took some time for Miyo to adjust to her new life as the next mistress of the Kudou home, but because of Kiyoka's kindness and Yurie's encouragement, she was able to open her heart once more.

Miyo's life has been a living hell since her mother died. Her father remarries, and her stepmother is a tyrant.

It got much worse when her stepmother got pregnant and Kaya was born. Unlike Kaya, Miyo never felt the same love and affection from her father.

It was primarily due to her lack of supernatural power, which her father is very concerned about.

Miyo is of Usuba descent, and she was supposed to receive the same gift, but this did not occur not until she was plagued with nightmares.

As Miyo experiences all kinds of torture, hatred, and discrimination from her own family, Kouji Tatsuishi, her childhood friend, has been her ally and support. He was always there for Miyo, cheering and rooting for her.

Because of this, Miyo developed feelings for Kouji, and she even hoped that the two of them would marry in the future, inherit the Saimori household, and be happy.

But things turned sour after Kouji was arranged to marry Kaya instead of her.

On the contrary, Miyo’s father asked her to move out of the house and marry the powerful yet cruel head of the Kudou Household. She didn’t have much of a choice, so she followed her father’s demands.

That’s when Miyo’s life began to change. She didn’t expect that Kiyoka was a beautiful and kindhearted man who would have more care and concern for her than anyone else in the world.

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Does Kiyoka Like Miyo?

Yes! In My Happy Marriage, Kiyoka has feelings for Miyo as well. They had a rocky start, but their life together improved over time. Kiyoka gradually learned more about Miyo's past, including all of her trials and tribulations.

Kiyoka Kudou is a prominent man who holds one of the army's highest ranks. Kiyoka has become the head of the home at such a young age, exhibiting his wisdom and prowess over other established families.

As a result, Kiyoka has been through a slew of planned weddings. All of the women in his past were problematic, which sparked an assortment of negative rumors about him.

He was charged with cruelty since all of his ex-fiancées fled from him. But contrary to rumors, Kiyoka has been extremely generous, at least to those who deserve it, such as Miyo.

When Miyo first entered the Kudou household, she was captivated by Kiyoka's beauty. She had no idea she would be engaged to someone so stunning.

Of course, Kiyoka has reservations about Miyo. He has to be cautious around her because the Saimori family sent someone so unusual.

Kiyoka is so cautious around Miyo that he never ate the first meal Miyo prepared for him.

Miyo's remorseful and shy demeanor piqued his interest as well. She is emotionless and works like a robot, contrary to Kiyoka's expectations of a daughter raised in nobility.

As a result, Kiyoka resolved to investigate Miyo's life in the Saimori family. Kiyoka has changed his opinion of Miyo since learning about her tragic life.

He grew protective of her and even went out of his way to understand all of her problems.

Kiyoka had no idea he was developing affection for Miyo. He begins to appreciate all Miyo does for him, and so on.

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Do Kiyoka and Miyo End Up Together?

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In My Happy Marriage, it is indicated that Kiyoka and Miyo will end up together. They began as an arranged marriage, but they gradually fell in love.

Even their marriage was agreed upon on mutual terms, and those who adore them couldn't be happier.

Their love becomes stronger by the day, but so do the difficulties that they face.

Regardless, Kiyoka and Miyo's love is unwavering. In fact, Kiyoka would go to great lengths to defend Miyo, even from her abusive relatives.

When Kaya and the head of the Tatsuishi Family kidnapped Miyo, Kiyoka destroyed the household to save his future wife.

He was so enraged that he set fire to the Saimori home and even confronted Kaya and her mother. He also compelled the Tatsuishi family's head to step down and retire!

Miyo, on the other hand, goes to great lengths to be better for Kiyoka, even though the latter does not require it.

Miyo believes that as the next mistress of the Kudou home, she must be well-mannered and educated in order to support her husband.

Kiyoka was initially hesitant, but it all worked out in the end. If this isn't love, we're not sure what is!

The only thing that is definite is that Kiyoka and Miyo adore each other!

Do Kiyoka and Miyo Get Married?

Do Kiyoka and Miyo Get Married?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

Miyo and Kiyoka are still engaged to be married. They have yet to tie the knot, but it appears that they are heading that way. It's just that they have a lot on their plates before they finally agree to marry each other.

Kiyoka and Miyo both have family concerns that must be resolved before they can settle down for good.

Miyo also has to slow down due to her growing abilities, while Kiyoka has been preoccupied with the grotesqueries that threaten the imperial capital.

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