Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch

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Mushoku Tensei Episode 15 has just aired. Rudeus and his party had to halt their travels and experience slow life in the Doldia village. While at it, they made new friends and discovered more information about an old acquaintance we haven't met in a while.

Meanwhile, Roxy is presumably still looking for Rudeus, while a reunion with his family seems like a distant possibility. Reunions always bring tensions that fans can't wait to see, so let's hope that the beloved isekai won't slack much longer in that regard.

If you're also looking forward to the answer, keep reading. Below you'll find our handy guide to Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 (or Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 5 depending on who you ask), including the release date and airing time for the must-watch isekai, and where to stream it online.

Mushoku Tensei Episode 15 Recap

Warning: Spoilers below!

With the storm season approaching fast, Rudeus and his party remain in Doldia village for three months. While there, Eris befriends some village children, including Tona, daughter of Doldia's best warrior, Gyes. As Rudeus finds more about his hosts, and they about him, Gishlaine's name comes up.

As it turns out, the woman who taught Rudeus to fight is Gyes' sister, who refused her role as a guardian of Doldia. As a result, the locals think of her as a traitor. The story is nevertheless inspiring for Tona, who wants to learn sword fighting with Eris' help.

The time for Rudeus' party to be on their way comes fast, and Tona doesn't want Eris to go. Gyes reveals that Gishlaine also used to be rebellious, and the village allowed for her to be taken by an adventurer. Gyes lives with regrets as he let his sister go without trying to understand her. This confession inspires Tona to make up with Eris.

Rudeus and his party are now on their way to the Holy Mountain of Millis, and we can't wait to find out about their adventures there.

Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 Release Date

The release date for Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 or Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 5 is next Monday the 1st of November in Japan. International fans, including those based in Europe, Canada, and the US, will be able to watch it from Sunday, the 31st of October - if they aren't at a Halloween party that is.

The anime is available to watch online on Funimation and Hulu. Non-subscribed users can still watch Mushoku Tensei on Funimation, but they will have to wait an extra week.

Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 Release Time

The airing time for Mushoku Tensei Episode 16, titled "Family Squabble," possibly teasing a family reunion, is midnight JST on Monday, November 1 - a cool way for fans to open the month! Here's when you can expect the newest episode to air in different timezones, adding the about one-hour dealy we can normally expect:

Pacific Time: 9:00 AM (October 31)
Central Time: 11:00 AM (October 31)
Eastern Time: 12:00 AM (October 31)
British Time: 5:00 PM (October 31)

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Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 Countdown

Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 COUNTDOWN

You can find out more about Rudeus' fate in only 6 days! If you are interested in other isekai anime, some good options to check out this season include The World's Finest Assassin and The Fruit of Evolution.

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