Is Mushoku Tensei Worth Watching? Why You Should Watch the Anime

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Since Mushoku Tenseistarted airing in January 2021, it became one of the most popular anime of the Winter 2021 season. Fans fell in love with the adventures of the 34-year-old man who lived a purposeless life before being reincarnated in a magical world as Rudeus Greyrat. Following the 11 episodes first cour, 12 more episodes are going to follow: but is Mushoku Tensei worth watching?

Some argue that Mushoku Tensei is an anime you either love or hate. Many viewers have expressed dislike for Rudeus since he's still a perverted man, even though he inhabits a young body.


The anime is definitely not for everyone, but for it to have received so great reviews on most popular anime websites, it has some good elements. Here are some reasons why you should watch the popular Isekai:

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1.The Art

This is really self-explanatory; just by watching the trailer, you realize that the first work of Studio Bind has some great visuals. The characters' faces and overall design are really well done. When Rudeus first gets reincarnated in the magical Six-Faced World, the setting is very colorful and delightful, showing the wonder with which he regards his new life.


As the story goes on, later episodes become much darker, showing the more mature adventures of Rudeus and Eris. Soon enough, the main characters learn more about their world, especially following the surge of mana that upsets their universe. By the end of the first cour of season 1, when Rudeus' party defeats a monster, we see that the anime has a varied style with both light and dark moments.

2. The Complex Magic System

The Magical system Rudeus encounters – and becomes exceptionally talented in – is very complex and might remind you of a video game. The magic of Rudy's world is based on Mana, which exists within every magic user, but can cause chaos when misused. Their many levels of magic to be mastered, meaning that it's treated like a skill, in which the characters can improve through constant use – not unlike tabletop games and RPGs.


Of course, some viewers might prefer a setting in which magic is a more ambiguous, mysterious force, but if you're a fan of magical systems, Mushoku Tensei might be for you.

3. The Variety

As is the case with many fantasy works, Mushoku Tensei follows Rudeus from his rebirth until his old age, meaning there are many, very different chapters in his life. Some will like his early days, during which the world still seems full of wonder, while those bored by that and tired of his improper behavior during childhood, might like the more toned down and adventurous later episodes.


Similarly, those who didn't enjoy Rudeus and Eris' days in an adventuring party during the last part of the first cour, might find something more to their liking in the upcoming episodes.

All in all, Mushoku Tensei isn't the most original Isekai, as it uses a lot of fantasy tropes which you might have seen elsewhere, like D&D-like magical systems and a magical society with fantasy races. But these tropes can be comforting during hard times. The perverted aspects of Rudeus' personality should absolutely not be forgiven and the fact that he wants to change isn't enough for his actions to be justified.

Other than that, this is an anime that will be enjoyed by Isekai fans who like following a character throughout his life journey, as he tries to improve his magic and himself.

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