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Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Has A Witty Mention Of An Eternal

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 2. Read at your own risk!

There’s a new guy in Ms. Marvel Episode 2 and it’s sketchy how he just arrived when Kamala finally got her powers. It’s no question that she would immediately be attracted to him: they share the same culture, the same heritage, and apparently, the same interests in Bollywood movies, too. Their mothers also have a common denominator: an Eternal.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Has A Witty Mention Of An Eternal

Of course, it’s Kingo!

The MCU has been on the track of fulfilling their promise to inclusion and diversification and if there’s one project that really got deep in that, it’s Eternals. Each of the heroes come from different cultures and it would be no surprise that in Ms. Marvel, where the hero is the first Muslim Pakistani in the franchise, an Eternal is mentioned in a scene.

See, Bollywood has been a thing since it captured the attention of the world and there’s one Eternal who made the industry thrive in the MCU: Kingo. He has been pretending to be coming from a long line of actors when in truth, he just doesn’t age.

In Ms. Marvel Episode 2, one of the things that Kamran used to get the attention of Kamala is Bollywood. They share the same interests when it comes to movies and it is as if Kamran read the mind of Kamala to know what she likes. He even assured Kamala that it’s okay to call her mom, Ammi, because he knew what it meant.

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At the restaurant, Kamala and Kamran talked about their common interests and Kamran wanted to ensure that Kamala doesn’t have a huge crush on Kingo because his mother is literally in love with Kingo Sr. Kamala shared that it is her mother, Muneeba, who is obsessed with Kingo for some reason.

It’s no surprise that Kingo would be mentioned because he has been a well-known Bollywood actor in the MCU and who could even resist his charm, right? Even if he isn’t an Eternal, he is sure to capture the hearts of many women, not to mention how hilarious his clapbacks are!

It’s a good touch for the MCU to mention Kingo, especially with Kamala’s culture and heritage playing a huge part in her becoming a hero. If and when Kingo and Karun releases the documentary about the Eternals, surely, Kamala will geek out once more and another video from Sloth Baby Productions would turn up!

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus.


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