The 20 Most Nostalgic Anime That Made Our Childhood Amazing

The 20 Most Nostalgic Anime That Made Our Childhood Amazing
Credit: Studio DEEN

The 20 Most Nostalgic Anime That Made Our Childhood Amazing
Credit: Studio DEEN

The good old days are long gone, but the anime shows from that golden era will live on. So, if you're in the mood to reminisce, here are 20 of the most nostalgic anime that made our childhood amazing!

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  1. Zoids

    Aside from Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, I'm sure you have your Zoids (and possibly some Beyblades) that you asked your mother to get you.

    We were so amazed every time we watched Zoids due to its action-packed sequences full of mecha elements.

    It was a one-of-a-kind show back in the day, and it was so interesting to see beast-like fighter machines exist in anime.

    How many different kinds of Zoids do you know? Does Shield Liger Zoid sound familiar? And how many kits have you built since Zoids debuted?

  2. Cooking Master Boy

    Before Food Wars and Yakitate Japan came out, there was a cooking anime called Cooking Master Boy.

    It was an anime ahead of its time, as it was the forerunner of anime characters expressing exaggerated reactions whenever they ate food made by the main character.

    Cooking Master Boy focuses on Chinese cuisine, so expect a lot of wok-cooking action.

    It follows a young boy named Liu Maoxing, who has a knack for cooking. At such a young age, Liu has been considered a prodigy, defeating reputable cooks from one place to another.

    However, Liu’s ultimate ambition in life is to become a Special Grade Cook and discover the legendary cooking utensils!

  3. Zenki

    Even to this day, casting Chiaki Enno's enchantment to break Zenki's curse is a lot of fun.

    But back then, we were constantly looking forward to seeing Chiaki take the spotlight, break the curse, and free Zenki from the hex that bound him.

    It's also thrilling to see Zenki grow from a frustrating chibi to a full-grown badass legendary weapon against evil.

    Ultimately, the moment Zenki eats the evil seeds he retrieved from the villains will always be an exciting moment to look forward to!

    Zenki is a fantasy, comedy, and action anime that follows Zenki and Chiaki Enno as they fight wicked monsters lurking in the shadows.

  4. Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

    Have you ever raced home from school to see the latest episode of Fushigi Yuugi? Have you ever had feelings for one of Fushigi Yuugi's characters, such as Tamahome, Hotohori, or even the wicked Nakago?

    If that's the case, I'm delighted you did! This nostalgic anime will be remembered as a romance anime gem that will take you on an emotional roller coaster!

    Miaki Yuuki, a young and carefree high school student, is transported into the Book of The Universe of the Four Gods with her closest friend, Yui Hongo, in Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play.

    There, Miaka finds out that she has been chosen to become the legendary Priestess of Suzaku, who will save the kingdom of Konan from destruction.

    Now, all Miaka needs to do is gather all the Suzaku Guardians to fulfill her mission!

    But it’s not an easy thing to do, as Miaka needs to face an unexpected opponent that will shatter her confidence!

  5. Mirumo Zibang!

    The chocolate-loving fairy named Mirumo is beloved by shoujo anime fans all around the world. He is cute and bubbly, and his stubborn personality makes him more adorable in the eyes of the fans!

    How we all wished to have our own magical mug back in the day in the hopes that Mirumo would appear and grant our wishes in exchange for chocolates!

    We are also jealous of Kaede, who has a cute and handsome leading man!

    She is living the dream, and there’s no stopping her fairytale-like love story despite some hiccups along the way!

  6. Flame of Recca

    Remember when you used to know the names of Recca Hanabishi's flame dragons by heart? What about when you try to mimic his hand gestures whenever he summons them?

    Flame of Recca is a great shounen anime that many people overlook.

    It employs many shounen anime tropes, such as protagonists competing in tournaments, undergoing training, and much more, which will undoubtedly bring back a lot of memories.

    It is old but gold and Recca Hanabishi’s rivalry with his brother Kurei will always be iconic.

    The Flame of Recca anime revolves around a self-proclaimed ninja named Recca Hanabishi.

    As it turns out, Recca is actually a real shinobi with a tragic and messed-up history that will have a huge impact on his present life.

  7. Tokyo Mew Mew

    Watching Tokyo Mew Mew’s reboot brought back a lot of good memories, but the feeling brought by the classic anime still hits differently!

    I also remember how we used to pick which one of the Mews to imitate, for they have different powers, costumes, and even personalities!

    The magical girl genre was incredibly popular back then, and all the girls are channeling their inner Mews.

    It was a different magical girl anime from Sailor Moon, for it incorporates the DNA of animals into the protagonists, which allows them to use powers.

    This anime might look like a rip-off, but it’s actually not!

  8. Hana Yori Dango

    Hana Yori Dango has been so successful that it has been adapted into so many live-action drama series from different countries.

    It is one of the most beloved school romance anime shows that introduces a very strong protagonist who is willing to take down a group of powerful and rich boys named F4.

    If you have only seen the live-action adaptations, you also need to see them in anime form.

    It has a decent animation, and it is fun to see Tsukushi Makino tame the ever-stubborn and prideful Doumyouji Tsukasa!

  9. Magic Knight Rayearth

    This is one of the classics with a banger opening song that people usually sang along to back in the day.

    It is very memorable, and the lyrics are easy to follow despite being sung at such a high pitch that most fans never dare to continue singing. Just kidding!

    Anyway, Magic Knight Rayearth is an isekai anime fused with magical girls and mecha robots!

    It has a lot to offer, particularly its top-notch animation, as expected of the all-female mangaka group, CLAMP.

    Magic Knight Rayearth revolves around three magical girls who were suddenly summoned into a fantasy world.

    They have different characteristics and personalities, but they need to cooperate with one another to save the fantasy world from evil forces in order to find their way back home.

  10. Case Closed

    Case Closed is still running to this day, but the feeling of watching its very first episode for the first time will never be the same.

    How we exercise our brains to solve Conan Edogawa's criminal cases and how we frequently fail to find answers to the anime's challenging mysteries will always bring back the feels!

    How many mysteries have you solved in Case Closed? Have you ever had the same analysis as Conan, or has it always been the other way around?

    Case Closed is episodic in nature, but there is a continuous plot that will leave you wondering when Conan Edogawa will revert to his normal self as Shinichi Kudou, the genius detective.

  11. Digimon Adventure

    Back in the day, the rivalry between Digimon and Pokemon enthusiasts was so fierce that we couldn't decide which side to support.

    And being at the center of the debate and hearing both parties' rebuttals was entertaining.

    Regardless, Digimon Adventure boasts one of the most memorable anime opening themes, which fans frequently sing along to.

    It was also wonderful to witness and learn about all of the Digimon and their evolution in the anime.

    We joined Tai Kamiya (Taichi Yagami in Japan) on his journey with his Digimon, Agumon.

    We saw him grow up, along with the rest of the cast of characters we hold close to our hearts.

  12. Slam Dunk

    We were overjoyed when Slam Dunk got a new film! It brings back all of the pleasant memories, and it gives us hope that a new Slam Dunk TV anime will return to us someday.

    It's impossible to get tired of seeing Sakuragi Hanamichi's hilarious antics in Slam Dunk.

    The numerous times he taunts his fellow ballers in unthinkable ways, as well as his frequent attempts to convey his feelings for Haruko, will always be enjoyable.

    In Slam Dunk, there is never a dull moment because Sakuragi constantly gives us something to laugh about and look forward to!

    The animation may not be as fantastic as that of today's sports anime shows, but it has a unique and charming style.

    Hanamichi Sakuragi is a self-proclaimed basketball genius in Slam Dunk.

    He joins the basketball club in the hopes of becoming closer to the captain's little sister, the sweet and lovely Akagi Haruko.

  13. Ranma ½

    Perhaps one of Rumiko Takahashi’s iconic works, Ranma ½ is a timeless comedy anime. Each and every single one of its episodes is full of humor that relies on its interesting and likable characters.

    It is without a doubt one of the best comedy animes of all time, and it will make you laugh out loud.

    The squabbles between Ranma and Akane will always be entertaining to watch, not to mention Ryoga Hibiki, who has no sense of direction.

    Ranma ½ follows Ranma Saotome, a talented martial artist whose life has forever been changed after he falls into one of China’s cursed springs.

    Along with his father, Genma, Ranma wishes to return to his normal life, but one thing leads to another, and he discovers that he has been betrothed since birth!

  14. Fullmetal Alchemist

    Before Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood came out, we had the original FMA anime released in 2003. This anime gave us the chance to meet the Elric brothers, who are known for their talent for alchemy and transmutation.

    It also allowed us to see the seven deadly sins in action and how the Elric brothers tried their best to defeat them. This anime also gave us a lot of heartbreak and trauma that will forever remain in our memories.

    It also has a lot of social commentaries that teach us a lot of lessons.

    Overall, Fullmetal Alchemist is an iconic, nostalgic anime that viewers should watch at least once or twice in their lifetime!

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  15. Yu Yu Hakusho

    A-ri-ga-tou-go-zai-ma-su!! Do you recall that last line of Yu Yu Hakusho's catchy anime opening?

    It certainly brings back memories, as we frequently channel our inner Yuusuke Urameshi when singing along to the anime's opening song!

    Yu Yu Hakusho, like Flame of Recca, is a classic shounen anime that employs many shounen anime cliches.

    It may be overdone now, but we were excited to see our favorite protagonists compete in Toguro's Dark Tournament back then.

    Yu Yu Hakusho revolves around Yusuke Urameshi, an energetic and troublesome young man who suddenly died after saving a child’s life.

    But before he vanished for good, Yusuke had a chance to get his life back thanks to Koenma, the son of the ruler of the afterlife.

    Yusuke now has no choice but to carry out Koenma's demands. In the process, he discovers his remarkable spiritual strength, capable of eliminating villains!

  16. Sailor Moon

    Who can forget Usagi Tsukino and her beau, Chiba Mamoru, from Sailor Moon? Not to mention the other heroines battling evil forces to save the world?

    Perhaps you've memorized the iconic anime opening of Sailor Moon, purchased merchandise, and even cosplayed the characters' sailor uniforms!

    How quickly time passes, and now that the popular magical girl anime has been rebooted, nostalgia hits us more than ever!

    Do I even need to write a synopsis about Sailor Moon? Well, I guess not.

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  17. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Admit it, you had a massive collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards back in the day, and you have played against your friend countless times!

    And whenever you’re in a pinch, you will always pull out your trump card and defeat your opponent, just like Yami Yuugi does whenever he’s pushed into the corner!

    Not to mention Yuugi’s forever rival, Kaiba Seto, who will never stop at anything to defeat Yuugi with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card!

    I also bet that you’ve learned quite a lot about the Egyptian god cards, which are all incredibly powerful!

    You know the fight is over whenever one of them appears, just like Yuugi’s Exodia card.

  18. Cowboy Bebop

    Instead of Netflix's live-action adaptation, watch Cowboy Bebop in anime form! It is a must-see anime that you should watch from time to time because of its visuals, fascinating storyline, and well-written characters.

    Ultimately, it has an iconic opening song that will instantly pique your curiosity! It's such a banger that we can't get enough of it!

    Believe me, I'm writing about Cowboy Bebop's opening song, and I can hear it in my head. This just goes to demonstrate how powerful and iconic it is!

    Cowboy Bebop revolves around a group of space bounty hunters that haunt criminals for a living, composed of Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, and their bio-engineered Welsh Corgi, Ein.

  19. Naruto

    When you think of nostalgic anime, Naruto will surely pop into your mind. It brings back a lot of good and painful memories as we see Naruto’s childhood days full of fun and goofy moments, but also loneliness.

    Naruto has been through a lot, and we will always be proud of him, especially now that he has his own family who adores him and has achieved his dream of becoming a Hokage.

    Gone are the days when we watched Naruto struggle to fit in at the Leaf Village and avert the general public's eyes whenever they saw him.

    Naruto has taught us a lot of lessons, and it seems like we’ve grown up with him at the same time.

    He is a living legend, and we will always sing our lungs out for all of the anime’s opening songs!

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  20. Dragon Ball

    Years have passed, yet the first episode of Dragon Ball is still worth watching.

    If you haven’t seen the original Dragon Ball anime, then you’re seriously missing out on a lot of important moments in the franchise.

    From Goku and Bulma’s first encounter, Yamcha’s glory days, the rise of the Red Ribbon Army, and so much more!

    Also, the aesthetics of Dragon Ball are so relaxing and soothing to the eyes that it will make you wonder how good it already was back in the day.

    The opening song is also catchy, and it will live rent-free in your head for days!

    You will also see a much more naive Goku who knows nothing about the world, particularly about the opposite sex.

    We all know that Goku is an airhead, and Dragon Ball perfectly captures this adorable trait.

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