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What is Naruto's Strongest Form?

In Naruto’s journey, fans have witnessed different forms as he improved. Some of these are the Six Path Sage Mode, Kurama Chakra Mode, and One-Tailed Cloak, among others. With the help of Kurama, he was able to improve the mastery of his chakra and made him the most powerful shinobi.

In Boruto, fans continued to be amazed at his skills as he fought with another set of stronger enemies. His immense power helped him win battles without struggles unlike when he was young. But as new enemies surfaced, Naruto found himself activating his ultimate and strongest form.

What is Naruto's Strongest Form?

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Boruto recently introduced Naruto’s strongest form which is the Baryon Mode. It was first introduced in the manga and was recently added to the anime. The word Baryon is used to label or categorize a subatomic particle that has a mass that is equal to or greater than a proton. In simpler terms, it is like a nuclear fusion wherein two atomic nuclei are joined to become one nucleus. The byproduct will release a huge mass of energy.


This means that Kurama and Naruto will fuse their chakras together to develop bigger chakra energy to activate the said mode. In this mode, Naruto’s hair becomes longer and has two black and yellow spikes that look like fox ears. He also has red eyes with vertical slits. His whiskers become thicker as well.

The Baryon Mode provides Naruto with a god-like power that can defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki. His power, reflexes, and speed are heightened, making him invincible. When the enemy is near Naruto, he can absorb their chakra, depleting their life force.

However, there are some things fans must note about this mode. Kurama and Naruto cannot use this mode for a long time. There is a short limit that will require Naruto to finish the battle fast. He must calculate his every move with the goal of defeating the enemy in one go. Another drawback is that the Baryon Mode uses the life force of both Naruto and Kurama. Once Kurama’s life force is drained, he will “die”, which is what happened in the series.

Now that Kurama is no longer around, it seems impossible for Naruto to do the Baryon Mode again. There is also no guarantee that he will use it considering how dangerous it is.

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