Moon Knight's May Calamawy Reveals Which MCU Characters She Wants to Crossover With

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As Moon Knight finally stands down as Marvel Studios' first series slated for 2022, fans are wondering what's next for Oscar Isaac's titular hero, along with May Calamaway's Layla El-Faouly, who was chosen by Egyptian goddess Taweret as her new avatar and officially became MCU's Scarlet Scarab.

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Calamawy's Layla plays a prominent role in the series, assisting both Steven Grant and Marc Spector in conquering Ammit and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). In the series finale, Layla finally approved Taweret's request to be the Egyptian god's avatar and become the Scarlet Arab. From there, we witnessed a side of the character that we've never seen throughout the series, beating several bad guys and Arthur Harrow.

Now that two new Egyptian superheroes are born, as fans are wondering where we might see Moon Knight next, they've also thought about where Layla will next appear in the future of the MCU.

In an interview with Inverse, Moon Knight star May Calamawy opens up on the variety of MCU characters that she wants Scarlet Arab to team up with.

"There has been nothing yet that I know of what could happen with Scarlet Scarab. But I love Doctor Strange, that would be cool. Blade would be cool because I've worked with Mahershala Ali and I think he's so wonderful," the actress said. "And then, I love all the women. I love Agatha. I feel like in the beginning, I used to love anyone that was kind of a villain like Nebula. I found them so complex. But honestly, it really depends on the story. I kind of want to be with all of them."

Moon Knight's conclusion reveals Marc Spector and Steven Grant seemingly free from Khonshu's control, however, a mysterious new persona surfaced, and was later revealed as the long-awaited Jake Lockley. Even though Marc and Steven are free from Khonshu's command, it looks like the three of them existing in the same body will still be affiliated with the Egyptian god of the moon.

For Layla's side of things, the conclusion didn't entirely disclose if she was released from her duties as Tawaret's new avatar. Nevertheless, if ever Isaac's Moon Knight returns in either a second-season sequel or a theatrical release, fans would surely expect Layla to join the titular hero, of course, as the MCU's new Scarlet Scarab.

All episodes of Moon Knight are streaming on Disney+.

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