Moon Knight Visual Effects Team Gets Featurette on The Signature Looks of the Titular Hero

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If there is a color that anyone could use to distinguish Moon Knight, it would be white and the visual effects team of the show gets their own featurette where they get to discuss how they came up with the signature looks of the titular hero and his alter ego, as well, even that of Khonshu, too.

When Marc Spector embraces his hero form, he gets into the costume of Moon Knight which, when given to him by Khonshu, he becomes invincible, as if bulletproof and cut proof. As for Steven Grant, he got his very own hero alter as well, with the sleek look of Mr. Knight and his dapper white suit.

In a featurette released by Marvel, How Moon Knight’s Armor Got Its Design, Ryan Meinerding, Head of Visual Development for Marvel Studios, and Rodney Fuentebella, Visual Development Supervisor for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight, shared how they came up with the looks of Marc and Steven when they are in their hero form such as Moon Knight and Mr. Knight.

Details about the nitty gritty of their costumes were discussed in the featurette and where it is inspired from. In the end, it perfectly paid off considering that both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight had their fair share of action scenes in the finale of the show where they both show their different styles of combat.

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Moon Knight focuses on the struggles of Steven Grant and Marc Spector in dealing with dissociative identity disorder and the impending doom of the resurrection of Ammit by Arthur Harrow. The titular hero has to team up with Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, to prevent the rise of Ammit who intends to devour the souls of those unbalanced.

Moon Knight series and all its six episodes are now streaming on Disney Plus.


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