Moon Knight: New Teaser Shows Steve Grant Meeting Marc Spector

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With the arrival of Moon Knight getting closer and closer, it is expected that various teasers for the show will drop as the premiere nears. In the new trailer of the upcoming Marvel series on Disney Plus, the titular character gets to discover his other self as Steve Grant finally meets Marc Spector in the most peculiar way possible.

In the teaser released for Moon Knight titled Secret Agent, Steve Grant gets the surprise of his life as a different persona introduces itself to him, whilst being in the same body, he could change up to whichever person he prefers and later, he completely transforms into Moon Knight, wearing his all-white ensemble.

The series is expected to tackle more about the sensitive topic of dealing with mental health issues and in this case, it would be on the dissociative identity disorder that Steve Grant has, sharing a body with Marc Spector, as if he is two different people sharing one body. In the case of the series, it seems that Steve and Marc would be playing a tug of war on the same body they are in.

In the comics, it is Marc Spector who has the dominance over the person that Oscar Isaac would be playing; Steven Grant was just one of his aliases or something like another persona inside him. However, in the series, it seems that Steven Grant lives a separate life without knowing that Marc Spector is also sharing the same body with him.

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Oscar Isaac promised that the series would be dealing with the mental health issue aspect of the show very seriously and it is not everyday that these sensitive topics are talked about these days, even getting shied at because it is not something that people with the same condition would talk about. Hopefully, with the arrival of Moon Knight, awareness on the topic would arise.

See how all these would transpire in Moon Knight on March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney Plus.


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