Moon Knight New Teaser Shows Inner Dilemma of Steven Grant with Marc Spector

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As the release of Moon Knight looms near, a new teaser for the show drops hinting more of what is to come for the latest Marvel series and this time, it highlights the inner dilemma of Steven Grant as he tries to understand what he is dealing with, especially with Marc Spector, even asking how their set-up works.

The new clip starts off with Steven Grant discovering a passport with his face but in the name of Marc Spector. As he encounters Marc through a mirror, he asks him what he is and whether he is living inside of him. The response wasn’t exactly as he wanted as Marc said it’s much more complicated than what Steven has in mind about the situation.

He goes to transform into Moon Knight then Layla sees him telling him that he looks different. He then protects Layla from bullets flying in, confirming that his cape is bulletproof. Marc then narrates that those who are vulnerable needs to be protected and that justice should be delivered. Moon Knight goes to action, fighting a creature of the night, a new monster or a villain. In perfect irony, he says it’s the “best worst day of his life.”

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Oscar Isaac plays Moon Knight and he would be joined by Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, May Calamawy as Layla, Loic Mabanza as Bushman, the late Gaspar Ulliel as Anton Mogart, Lucy Thackeray as Donna, and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney Plus at 3 AM EST on March 30, 2022 where there would be six episodes to be released weekly. There is no news yet as to the release of the series on DVD but what is sure is that it would be available on the service in the highest streaming quality, 4K. It is rated TV-14 which means those who are aged 14 years or above can watch the show; however, they must be accompanied by an adult.


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