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MONSTA X Announces Big Screen Debut With Feature Film MONSTA X: THE DREAMING

MONSTA X is having its own feature film entitled MONSTA X: THE DREAMING, which will meet fans around the world with its big-screen debut.

On October 29, Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X’s agency, revealed that the group would be releasing the film in about 70 countries around the globe. The movie MONSTA X: THE DREAMING will be a special gift dedicated to fans who have supported and loved the talented young men all these years.

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MONSTA X To Release Documentary Film MONSTA X: THE DREAMING

monsta x documentary film the dreaming
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Credit: Starship Entertainment

The first MONSTA X documentary film is said to contain various content, including exclusive interviews with the members.

Several video clips from their US activities and special concert stage videos will also be featured in the film, as well as a detailed presentation of MONSTA X’s fruitful journey as a powerhouse group over the past six years.

MONSTA X: THE DREAMING, in particular, is most likely to pique worldwide fans’ interest as the film will include numerous hits by MONSTA X, including the recently released US single "One Day," and the first performance of the second US full album, THE DREAMING, which is set to be released on December 10, 2021.

In addition, MONSTA X: THE DREAMING will allow fans to enjoy the effects of an actual live concert from the ‘ScreenX’ theater, including the world’s first multi-sensor function, the 4DX theater, that provides more than 20 motion effects.

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MONSTA X As A Worldwide Golden Kpop Boy Group

MONSTA X has continuously shown off its impeccable global presence with tons of remarkable results and achievements in the music industry as a seven-year-old boy group.

Specifically, MONSTA X has built a steady fandom with active promotions and activities that have proven their worth with the modifier "stairway growth idols."

The six-member group also proudly swept various prestigious award ceremonies in South Korea, which showcased the true value of "a trustworthy performance that you can listen and watch."

Notably, MONSTA X’s first full English album, ALL ABOUT LUV, settled into the US Billboard 200 at No. 5 upon its release. The recently released English single "One Day" also entered the Pop AIRPLAY chart for the second consecutive week. MONSTA X also received a nomination for the 2021 MTV EMA for the Best Kpop Category.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is expected to make an explosive return with the Korean album NO LIMIT, which will be released on November 19. After this, the boys will heat up the rest of 2021 with the release of THE DREAMING and their participation in iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball Tour in December 2021.

MONSTA X: THE DREAMING will be shown in cinemas around the world on December 9 and 11, 2021.

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