Mob Psycho 100 Watch Order: How to Watch Series, OVA, Specials

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Mob Psycho 100 Watch Order How to Watch Series OVA Special Mob
Credit: Bones

The story of Mob Psycho 100 expands as Season 3 premieres as part of the fall anime season. Fans can rejoice as Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama returns to action! To celebrate Mob’s return, here’s the ultimate Mob Psycho 100 watch order including OVA and specials for everyone’s viewing pleasure!

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Do I Need to Watch Mob Psycho 100 in Order From the Beginning?

Do I Need to Watch Mob Psycho 100 in Order From the Beginning Mob
Credit: Bones

Anyone can enter the world of Mob Psycho 100 even if they haven't watched the series from the beginning.

After all, every first episode of Mob Psycho 100's anime adaptations includes a recap to provide context for what has happened before.

However, it is strongly advised that everyone begin with Episode 1 of Mob Psycho 100 to experience the initial stages of Mob's journey in understanding and exploring his powers, his self-esteem, his character development, his relationship with Reigen, and meeting his first group of friends.

The first season of Mob Psycho 100 is crucial to Mob's well-being because it established both his reputation as a powerful esper and his solid relationship with his brother, Ritsu Kageyama.


Not to mention meeting Teruki Hanazawa, who has had such an impact on his life.

Likewise, the second season of Mob Psycho 100 is an important part of Mob's life.

Most notably, Mob learns to make his own decisions and become more self-sufficient, even if it means stepping out of Reigen's shadow.

Finally, Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 has recently been released, and things are heating up as Mob's life gets more and more complicated.

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Mob Psycho 100 Watch Order: How to Watch the Series, OVA, and Specials

Mob Psycho 100 Watch Order How to Watch the Series OVA and Specials Mob
Credit: Bones

For everyone’s information, here is a list of all the Mob Psycho 100 content available in order of their original release:

Title Type Release Date Episode Count Description
Mob Psycho 100TV Anime201612 episodesFirst Season of Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho MiniSpecial Episode20166 episodesSpecial episodes bundled in the Mob Psycho 100 Blu-ray Volumes
Mob Psycho 100: Reigen-The Miraculous Unknown Psychic Special Episode20181 episodeSpecial never-before-seen story of Reigen Arataka’s greatest supernatural feats
Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 TV Anime201913 episodesSecond Season of Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100: The First Spirits and Such Field Trip - A Journey that Mends the Heart and Heals the Soul OVA20191 episode24-minute OVA where the characters went to a secluded hot spring for a field trip
Mob Psycho 100 Season 3TV Anime2022To Be Announced (Rumored to be 12 episodes)Third Season of Mob Psycho 100

From the table above, it is clear that the best way to watch Mob Psycho 100 is to skip all of the specials and OVA and go straight from Season 1 to Season 3.

However, if viewers want to see Mob Psycho 100 from beginning to end without missing any fun, it is best to watch it in the order it was released.

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Do I Need to Watch the Mob Psycho 100 Specials and OVA?

Do I Need to Watch the Mob Psycho 100 Specials and OVAs Mob
Credit: Bones

It is entirely up to the viewer whether or not to watch the Mob Psycho 100 specials and OVA.

After all, the events in both materials do not always have an impact on the main plot of Seasons 1 through 3.

However, in the opinion of a Mob Psycho 100 fan, it is preferable to watch the specials and OVA if possible because it is sure to be a fun and enjoyable viewing experience!