The Best Anime Coming Out in Fall 2022

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The Best Anime Coming Out in Fall 2022

2022 has been an epic year for anime, with some of the biggest ever series airing earlier this year. However, we’re not done yet, and there are some amazing anime coming out in Fall 2022 to get excited about.

Fall 2022, the last anime season of the year starting in October, looks set to be the biggest yet. With an incredible array of new series, anticipated sequels and surprise packages upcoming, here’s what you can look forward to.

  1. Blue Lock

    Who doesn’t love a good sports anime?! Blue Lock, based on the award-winning manga of the same name, offers a pretty unique twist on this classic genre.

    In Blue Lock, the Japanese Football Association hires controversial coach Jinpachi Ego to help create a team that can win a World Cup. Jinpachi believes the team needs an egoistic striker and creates Blue Lock – a prison-like facility that plays host to hundreds of Japan’s most promising young goalscorers. Only one of these hopefuls can represent Japan, and the rest will be banned from ever playing for their country.

    Blue Lock flips the classic sports anime on its head, replacing the friendly, coming-of-age style with darker, more self-centred characters. The anime looks like it’ll be full of big visuals, so we can’t wait to see what happens!

  2. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

    One of the longest-running anime series of all time is set for its conclusion, ten years after the original series finished!

    First announced in 2020, this new series covers the final arc of the best-selling manga, the Thousand Year Blood War. As the name suggests, expect plenty of action as the Wandenreich launch their attack on Soul Society, calling the Shinigami and the Quincy into an all-out conflict.

    While the manga’s conclusion did divide some fans of the series, there’s no denying that this will make for a huge anime event when it arrives later this year!

  3. Chainsaw Man

    An adaptation that feels like it’s been anticipated for years, one of the most popular action manga of recent times is finally hitting our screens this year!

    Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a young kid employed by Yakuza as a devil hunter, and his pet devil Pochita. When his employers turn on him, he forms a pact with Pochita, inheriting the ability to turn any parts of his body into chainsaws!

    Now a devil-human hybrid, he is picked up by the government to join their official squad of devil hunters.

    As you can imagine, this is a series full of awesome action and a wild collection of characters. The manga is often put on a par with shounen greats like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, so there’s plenty to get hyped about here!

  4. Kokyu no Karasu

    Away from male-dominated action-shounen titles comes a story all about mystery and intrigue.

    Kokyu no Karasu (roughly meaning Raven of the Inner Palace) revolves around a special consort in an emperor’s inner palace that nobody has ever seen. Supposedly, she has magical abilities to fulfil wishes and not even the emperor can call upon her. However, when the emperor decides to visit her, their meeting sets them on a course that changes history.

    This josei anime is adapted from a light novel that has over 1 million copies in print in Japan. Not much is known about it internationally, but this is definitely a story to watch out for in the Fall season!

  5. Spy x Family Part 2

    Spy x Family was one of the biggest anime of 2022 when it first aired in the Spring 2022 season. The second part of that first season is set to start airing in October!

    In case you missed it, Spy x Family follows Loid, a spy working undercover to prevent an international conflict. To fulfil his mission, he needs a fake family and finds it in the form of the gullible office worker Yor and neglected orphan Anya.

    Unbeknownst to Loid, his fake wife is a master assassin, and his fake daughter is a telepath who’s known everything from the start! So starts the wacky and wholesome adventure of a makeshift family that you can’t miss.

  6. To Your Eternity Season 2

    When it first aired in 2021, To Your Eternity caught everybody by surprise with its deeply emotional and heartfelt story. It shouldn’t have been that surprising, though, given the source manga was created by the same person behind the acclaimed film A Silent Voice.

    Now the series is set to come back, continuing Fushi’s journey of discovery, both of the world and himself. Expect plenty of drama when this starts airing in October!

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