Melania Trump, Donald Trump Getting Divorce? Actress Patricia Arquette Tweets About Former First Couple's 'Divorce Countdown'

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Donald Trump is facing another lawsuit prompting many to react, and one targets his marriage to Melania Trump. Actress and activist Patricia Arquette seemingly mocked the former first couple's relationship.

Melania Trump And Donald Trump's Divorce Countdown Begins?

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have been married for 17 years already. The former model and businessman-turned-politician tied the knot on Jan. 22, 2005.

However, Donald has faced several charges. Just recently, New York attorney general Letitia James took another step against the ex-POTUS by filing a lawsuit against him, his organization and three children for allegedly committing business fraud.

Several netizens reacted on Twitter, including Patricia Arquette, who seemingly mocked their marriage.

"Melania divorce countdown has begun," Arquette tweeted.

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In a separate tweet, she shared a gif with the words, "It's the final countdown."

Arquette's post received mixed responses from the netizens. Some attacked her for commenting on others' marriage after being divorced twice. Meanwhile, others seemingly agreed with the divorce, with one saying Melania is better off without Donald and should take their son with her.

"There is nothing for her in that marriage, she has to take of her son. I wonder if she can handle [it]," one commented.

"You are clearly a bad person. Who, with a good heart, would ever wish such negativity upon another person?" another commented.

"Not a nice thing to say to your fellow women. But I guess you being twice divorced would know that," a third netizen added.

"Enjoying people's problems is not admirable. I hope no one did this to you during your two divorces," a fourth user wrote.

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Melania Trump's Husband Donald's New Lawsuit Update

James has been conducting a civil investigation of former President Donald Trump's company.

On Wednesday, she brought a civil suit against Trump, three of his adult children — Donald Trump Jr, who runs the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, a previous executive at the company — and his Trump Organization over widespread fraud claims after rejecting Donald's lawyers to settle her probe of the Trump Organization, CNBC reported.

Her office has been investigating Donald's company for possible fraud, misstating the value of various real estate assets to receive financial benefits in the form of more favorable loans, insurance rates, and tax breaks.

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Melania Trump's husband has denied the allegation against him. He clapped back at James by alleging that James, a Democrat, was motivated by politics to investigate the former Republican president.

In August, Donald appeared for a deposition conducted by James' lawyers. However, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination over 440 times, refusing to answer questions under oath.

Donald Jr. answered the questions from the investigators under oath in August. His sister Ivanka did the same.

However, Eric also invoked his Fifth Amendment right more than 500 times when questioned under oath in October 2020, based on the court filing in January.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Melania Trump and Donald Trump's marriage.

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