Meghan Markle’s Handler Name-Dropped Prince Harry to Help Duchess Get a Table at a Restaurant? Author Claims No One Cared Who Duchess of Sussex Was

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tried to keep their relationship as low-key as possible. So, for the first six months, the couple was able to date in private. But it didn't also take long before the paparazzi learned that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were an item, so their relationship became public since then.

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Meghan Markle Wanted To Get A Table At A Restaurant, So Her Handler Mentioned She Was Dating Prince Harry

Now, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina, the author of Your Table Is Ready: Tales of a New York City Maître D', revealed that Meghan Markle once allowed her handler to namedrop Prince Harry just so she could get a table at a prestigious restaurant.

According to Cecchi-Azzolina, he did not have a direct encounter with Markle because it was her handler who did the talking for her. And the Duchess of Sussex gave off the vibe that she was aloof.

He claimed that the handler asked if there was a private area for Markle and her party to wait because they arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes early. The handler also told the restaurant staff that Markle was dating Prince Harry.

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Restaurant Owner Couldn't Care Less About Who Prince Harry Was Dating

The former maître revealed that his first instinct was to laugh after hearing what Markle's handler said.

"I couldn't give two [expletives] about Prince Harry's date, and by the attention, the escort was drawing from the crowd at the bar, nor did anyone else. We get the most powerful people in the world that come here — no one really cares about you," he said (via Mirror UK).

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Meghan Markle Claimed She Wanted To Keep Her Relationship With Prince Harry Private

Cecchi-Azzolina's revelation came quite as a shock to some royal fans who thought that Markle didn't want the public to make a big fuss about her relationship with Prince Harry. In fact, when the two started dating, the Duchess of Sussex claimed that she didn't research the Duke of Sussex beforehand.

But royal author Tom Bower claimed that this wasn't necessarily the case. After all, one of Markle's friends reportedly told him that Markle Googled Prince Harry before their first meeting, according to Cosmopolitan.

Markle is also being slammed because of her inconsistent statements. Most recently, she claimed that being on Deal or No Deal reduced her feeling like a bimbo. After all, the show did not allow her to showcase how smart she was and only how stunning she was.

But two years after she quit Deal or No Deal, she made a cameo in 90210, where her character appeared to be intimate with one of her male counterparts.

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