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Meghan Markle Shock: Royal Family Prepares Revenge Against Prince Harry's Wife? Sussex Pair's Netflix Series Expected To Include More 'Explosive' Revelations

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Meghan Markle could be in hot waters again once Buckingham Palace releases report into complaints that the wife of Prince Harry had bullied members of the staff once scandals surrounding the couple’s Netflix series have blown over, a new report claimed.

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The British royal family, as per reports, has been tipped to release a report that is “highly critical” of Meghan Markle. PR, reputation, and crisis management expert Edward Coram James told Express UK:

“[Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new docuseries] is the apex and crescendo moment in a slowly building crisis that has been developing for over two years.”

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Most, if not all, royal followers are aware that the second installment of the Harry and Meghan Netflix series is set to be released on Thursday. James suggested that the revelations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be “explosive.”

The royal family is said to be “sitting” on the bullying report, which James claimed the palace would likely release once the scandal surrounding the show has died down. He stated:

"The royals are currently sitting on a report that is likely to be highly critical of the Duchess of Sussex, with many former royal aides that have come forward to accuse her of bullying.”

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James added:

"I do not believe that the Royal Family has buried this report to protect Meghan’s image. It is more likely that they will have felt that there has not yet been a good timing moment to release it yet.”

He also shared that, if they had released it in the immediate aftermath of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, it could have made the palace seem “petty and vengeful.”

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James said:

“These are ‘two buzzwords’ the Royal Family have put ‘significant effort into never being associated with.’”

He also believes it would have undermined the integrity of the report. The PR expert shared:

"I do not expect them to release it in the immediate aftermath of the current crisis either, for the same reasons. The Palace are experts at crisis management. I believe that this report will be published at some point, but it will be at a time in which it will hold the most gravity, and for that, the current scandals need to blow over."

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Shortly after the couple's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Buckingham Palace started an investigation into the bullying allegations, thought to be privately funded by a senior Royal Family member.

The lawyers for Meghan Markle refuted the claims when they were made, and the report's results were never made public.

James stated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's documentary series, Harry & Meghan, was the principal focus of the Royal Family's crisis management team in the months running up to its publication.

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He said:

"The first thing to know is that, no matter what revelations will follow, the Royal Family will not be caught off guard.”

James said that the royal family will be prepared with a "crisis plan" and respond to whatever admissions Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may make throughout the six-part series.

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