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Aaron Carter Shock: Nick Carter's Brother Heartbreakingly Did This Before Tragic Death, A Close Pal Revealed

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Aaron Carter did something very heartbreaking just before his tragic death, a close pal of the late singer claimed.

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O-Town singer Erik-Michael Estrada, during an appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, disclosed that the former child star "distanced himself from everyone" before being found dead in his bathtub on November 5, 2022, at the age of 34.

Estrada, in the interview, talked about his friendship with Carter and said that, in his opinion, the "Crush On You" hitmaker had already "gone" before he had really passed away. He said:

"The terrible aspect about Aaron is that he had been missing for a while, right? He wasn't, despite the fact that he was still present. He had cut himself off from everyone, and he was quite apparent that he didn't want to interact with many of the individuals who genuinely cared for him."

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During the boy band era, Carter and Estrada became closer and, at one point, even shared the same management. The "All of Nothing" singer said that he and the father of one became closer over time.

But Estrada, like others close to Carter, knew that the late singer had his own demons and issues. He stated:

"Maybe some trauma, and clearly some mental disease."

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He added that there are moments when you may feel quite far from someone, and if you knew the "Summertime" singer, you would have felt this acutely.

Estrada also described his attempts to speak with Aaron Carter during a difficult time in his friend's life.

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He recalled praising Carter and adding that people respected the singer's talent more than the tweets he had been making. Estrada furthered:

"I could simply sense the distance in his eyes. I wasn't really speaking to the same man I had been the week before, when we had been at a few gigs together."

When Estrada's relationship with Hilary Duff's ex-boyfriend endured a wave of separation, he reportedly felt dejected.

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Nonetheless, he felt delighted to be participating in the "Songs for Tomorrow" charity concert with Angel Carter, Aaron Carter's twin sister, and Nick Carter, Aaron Carter's older brother.

The official cause of Aaron Carter's death has not been determined as of press time. However, it should be noted that some compacted cans and empty pill bottles containing prescription medicine were found on his body.

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