Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife Reportedly Received a 30-Point Dossier on How to Behave as a Royal, Claims She Didn’t Receive Training Questioned

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Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have said a number of things about the royal family, as well as their experiences while working as senior royals. However, their claims cannot be confirmed or denied by the parties involved because the British clan isn’t allowed to comment on interviews, documentaries, and even memoirs.

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Did Meghan Markle Receive Training On How To Behave As A Royal?

One of the things that Meghan Markle shared in Harry & Meghan had to do with learning the royal ropes on her own. She said that she didn’t receive any training on how she should behave as a new member of the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex also joked about how she curtsied to Queen Elizabeth during their first meeting. And she also admitted that she didn’t know if what she did was right or wrong.

But weeks after the documentary was released on Netflix, one of Markle’s well-known critics – Piers Morgan, slammed her for her inaccuracies. According to the British talk show host, Prince Harry’s wife received information on how she should behave as a royal.

“The Sunday Times discovered she was actually handed a 30-point dossier, studiously researched, brimming with information and contacts,” Morgan said (via Cheat Sheet).


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Piers Morgan Questions Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Credibility?

Morgan also told Sky News that Prince Harry and Markle tend to manipulate viewers into questioning their own recollections of reality because of their inconsistent and unfounded stories.

But while Morgan slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their alleged falsehoods, psychologist Kath Temple described Prince Harry as a truthteller following his interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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Prince Harry Dubbed A ‘Truthteller’ Following The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview?

According to Temple, Prince Harry stayed consistent with all his answers throughout the interview, so there’s no question that the dad of two was being honest.

“Harry is utterly consistent as he shares information. Some people may not like what he says, some may think he is oversharing private moments, but the fact is he is telling the truth. This man is undoubtedly a truthteller,” she told Express.

The psychologist also encouraged those who are questioning Prince Harry’s credibility to take another look at him.

“It’s time to take a fresh look at Prince Harry. He is a fundamentally decent human, as is his brother. And as a nation, we all adopted them in their youth when their mother died in such a shocking way,” she said.


But in Spare, Prince Harry maintained that he was telling the truth about the stories he shared in his memoir. In fact, he outed other people who seemingly told lies just to protect his older brother Prince William.

For instance, Markle’s husband revealed that he wasn’t really Prince William’s best man. However, he had to play the part since he is the future king’s younger brother.

Prince Harry also said that the media is the one who has been telling lies about him and his wife, according to Town & Country.

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