Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Gave Credence to Conspiracy Theorists Spreading Lies About Princess Diana’s Passing: ‘I Couldn’t Comprehend Her Death’

Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry recently shared heartbreaking stories about Princess Diana's death in his memoir Spare, as well as during his promotional book tour. During his conversation with Anderson Cooper, the Duke of Sussex went as far as saying that he thought Princess Diana faked her own death.

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Prince Harry Didn't Believe That Princess Diana Died In The Car Crash?

Since Princess Diana was already divorced from King Charles at the time of her passing, this meant that she will live life away from the royal family. At the time, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla's affair had already been made public. And the monarch had custody of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

So, according to Meghan Markle's husband, he thought that Princess Diana's car crash was just part of a plan that she devised herself. And the dad of two said that for many years, he hoped to receive a call from his mother telling him that she was still alive.

"I had huge amounts of hope. [I was looking mainly for] proof that she was in the car. Proof that she was injured and proof that the very paparazzi that chased her into the tunnel were the ones that were taking photographs of her lying half dead in the back [of the car]. The pictures showed the reflection of a group of photographers taking photographs through the window and the reflection on the window was them," he said (via Entertainment Tonight).

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Prince Harry Has Questions About Princess Diana's Death But Doesn't Want To Launch An Inquiry?

While speaking with ITV, Prince Harry also admitted that he had so many questions regarding Princess Diana's death.

"There's a lot of things that are unexplained. I've been asked before whether I want to open up another inquiry. I don't really see the point at this stage. But I think anyone who knows -- again, this is the most amazing thing that, of over the last, what, five years, especially the last two years, the number of people that I've met here in America, everyone knows where they were and what they were doing the night my mother died. And I never thought about that at all," Prince Harry said.

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Prince Harry Might Have Given Conspiracy Theorists Credence Following His Stories About Princess Diana?

But according to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, Prince Harry's recent statements about Princess Diana's death may have given credence to those who have been spreading conspiracies about the late royal.

"We know he is haunted by the tragic death of Diana. Yet he has indicated that he feels there are unanswered questions about her death, which might give credence to conspiracy theorists, which is surely undesirable," he told Fox News.

Royal author Christopher Andersen revealed that he was dumbfounded by Prince Harry's admission when he said that he didn't think Princess Diana died on that fateful day in 1997.

"I was dumbfounded at Harry's admission that for a full 10 years — until he was 23 years old — he and to some extent, William, believed their mother was still alive and would somehow reappear. This sort of magical thinking goes far beyond any normal kind of denial, and really underscores how deeply scarred they were — and still are — by grief over Diana's death," he said.

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