Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton’s Husband Allegedly Threatened to Stop Helping King Charles After Monarch Chose Prince Harry Over Him Despite an Ultimatum

Credit: Guardian News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Guardian News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William is one of the main subjects of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. Even though the book serves as an honest and candid tale of the Duke of Sussex’s life, much of his childhood and experiences were spent with his older brother. And since they only had each other, it wasn’t surprising to know that Prince William and Prince Harry had a fair share of fights.

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Did Prince William Give King Charles An Ultimatum To Choose Between Him Or Prince Harry?

According to Globe, Prince Harry’s memoir Spare forced Prince William to give King Charles an ultimatum. A source told the magazine that the Prince of Wales wanted to release a statement in response to the Duke of Sussex’s allegations, but King Charles said no.

So, Kate Middleton’s husband allegedly gave his father an ultimatum. He wants King Charles to declare his support to him and his wife and publicly cut ties with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, the source alleged that the opposite happened.

“[Prince William] doesn’t agree with the monarch’s strategy of ignoring the Sussexes and letting them hang themselves. If anything, it’s just given Harry and Meghan more confidence to run riot with the full knowledge there are no consequences because the royals seem too scared or timid to retaliate,” the source said.

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King Charles Allegedly Sided With Prince Harry Amid Sons’ Feud

But instead of following Prince William’s orders, King Charles allegedly decided to invite Prince Harry and Markle to his coronation to show that the royal family is still somehow united.

“He’s gone against William and Kate’s wishes and invited Harry and Meghan to his coronation in May – and His Majesty intends to keep his word in spite of Harry’s book sending tremors through the palace. Charles refuses to relinquish hope that Harry will come around. He will not give up on his second-born son,” the source said.

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Prince William Threatened Not To Help King Charles If He Continues To Side With Prince Harry?

But the more that King Charles shows support for Prince Harry, the more Prince William wants his dad to realize that his youngest son is a troublemaker. As such, the Duke of Sussex allegedly shouldn’t be allowed to return to the royal fold.

“William thinks Harry has not only turned up his nose at every royal protocol they were taught but he’s also breached the brotherly bond. [He] has scoffed at Harry’s feeble attempts to worm his way back into the hearts of the British people. The damage has been done and there’s no going back. William is telling Charles he had better see that or he can expect no help from him or Kate,” the source concluded.

Prior to the release of Spare, a source for Daily Mail claimed that Prince William would no longer sit back and stay silent as Prince Harry and Markle make dubious claims about the royal family.

“[The palace is] reportedly gearing up to swiftly respond to any inaccurate claims. The Prince and Princesses’ team will wait to see what’s in the Netflix series before deciding what to do, but you can the direction of travel,” the source said (via Marie Claire).

Weeks passed, but Prince William has not publicly responded to Harry & Meghan, and it seems he won’t also release a statement regarding Spare.

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