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Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 Release Date, Spoilers & Predictions: Song Hye Kyo To Experience Heartbreak? Things Fans Could Expect

Credit: SBS Network

Devoted followers of Song Hye Kyo are thrilled about her upcoming return to the small screens. The former wife of Song Joong Ki is set to make her television comeback through the imminent K-drama titled Now, We Are Breaking Up.

So, what should fans expect in the upcoming Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1? What will happen to Song Hye Kyo's character? Keep on reading to know more details.

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Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 Release Date And Where To Watch Online

Reports have it that Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 would be released on Nov. 12, 2021, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. International viewers would be able to watch the imminent episode thru ViKi Rakuten as it would be shown on the said online streaming platform a few minutes after its official premiere on the local television network. Below are the schedules:

  • Australia Time: 12: 30 AM ACST
  • British Time: 4 PM BST
  • Central Time: 10 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time: 9 AM EDT
  • European Time: 5 PM CEST
  • India Time: 8: 30 PM IST
  • Japan Time: 12 AM JST
  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PDT
  • Philippine Times: 11 PM PHT

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Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 Spoilers And Predictions

As of this writing, there are no enough details made known about the forthcoming Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1. However, as it is the premiere episode, there is a huge possibility that it would center on introducing the show’s main characters, specifically Song Hye Kyo.

The ex-ladylove of Song Joong Ki was previously confirmed to portray Ha Young Eun, the team leader of a brand’s fashion design department. Aside from Song Hye Kyo, other stars expected to appear in Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 are Jang Ki Yong as Yoon Jae Guk, Choi Hee Seo as Hwang Chi Sook, Kim Joo Heon as Seok Do Hoon, Nam Ki Ae as Kang Jeong Ja and Choi Hong Il as Ha Taek Soo.

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Being the team leader of one of South Korea’s fashion companies, the character of Song Hye Kyo has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry already. Spoilers suggested that Ha Young Eun is a beautiful, trendy, and intelligent woman who is good at her job and loves it so much.

However, Ha Young Eun is said to be different when it comes to relationships. As a matter of fact, the character of Song Hye Kyo is described as a cold-hearted person as she prioritizes herself over anything else and it is something that would likely be tackled in Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1.

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Though Ha Young Eun does not really care about how other people see her, things would gradually change when she meets Jang Ki Yong’s Yoon Jae Guk, a famous freelance fashion photographer. It was also divulged that Jae Guk is a handsome, intelligent, and wealthy man.

Ha Young Eun and Jae Guk would then fall for each other. But, things did not end well between them and that is something avid followers of Song Hye Kyo should watch out for the imminent Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1.

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