MBLAQ Mir Breaks Silence on Heartbreaking Fate K-pop Groups Face Because of a Member's Desire to Go Solo



MBLAQ Mir commented on one of the reasons why K-pop groups disband.

K-pop groups, even the most successful ones, disbanded in the past years for different reasons. Some ended their careers because of health issues and failed contract negotiations. Others also decided to end the group because of the underwhelming spotlight. This led to the seven-year curse theory.

But the most common reason is the fact that members of these groups want to go solo and pursue new opportunities like acting. For Mir, it should never be the case.

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MBLAQ Mir on K-pop Group Members Who Want To Be a Soloist

Banggane’s YouTube Channel recently uploaded a six-minute video, titled “Why do idols disband?” In the clip, Mir shared his opinion about the K-pop groups that disbanded — and might disband — after a member expressed their desire to become soloists.

The idol first explained why money is one of the reasons why groups end their careers. Mir said that it is usually a problem with the company as group members always talk with the agency after or before contract expiration to explain how they want to divide the earnings.

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Unfortunately, the failed negotiations led to them leaving the company. This also caused members to feel distant and hurt because of the contrasting opinion.

As for the members who want to go solo, Mir said it should never be a reason to disband at all.

"Some does better as a soloist than a team, so I definitely understand how they feel. Yes, they can go solo, but keep the team at the same time. That's what I want to tell them. They don't need to go out of the team to go solo. They can do their solo stuff, then join the team for the team stuff, you know,” he said, as quoted by SBS News.

MBLAQ Mir Says He’s a Huge Fan g.o.d

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Before he became an idol, Mir spent his time fanboying over g.o.d (Groove Over Dose). As the group’s big fan, he shared how it felt like when the members decided to pursue acting careers instead.

Per Mir, he felt scared that he would never be able to listen to their music to them although he still supported the members who decided to act.

"The day that my promotions as MBLAQ came to an end, I was really confident that I would do well by myself. But soon after, I became really stressed and depressed. I still can't listen to MBLAQ's songs because they take me back to that time when fans loved that MBLAQ, all of us together," he went on.

In the end, the K-pop idol said it hurts him to see groups disband because of the reasons he mentioned. For Mir, he felt like they would regret it in the future.

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