Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME, Countdown, Spoilers, Trailer, Clips, Plot, Theories, Leaks, Previews, News and Everything You Need To Know for FINALE

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Credit: Marvel Studios

What a twist for the penultimate of the canon series, right? It perfectly sets up the upcoming finale and finally, a cliffhanger did not leave us hanging. Marvel's What If..? Season 1 Finale Episode 9 is underway so make sure to check everything you need to know such as the release date and time, countdown, spoilers, plot, theories, leaks, and preview.

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Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!


What Happened in Marvel's What If..? Episode 8?

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME
Credit: Marvel Studios

In Marvel's What If..? Episode 8,What If.. Ultron Won?, we finally have some continuity as the cliffhanger ending of Episode 7, Vision Ultron, gets his own episode after his appearance. In this alternate universe, we're brought into an apocalyptic one – where Ultron won the battle against the Avengers and lorded over the world.

Only two survivors were shown, Hawkeye and Black Widow, we see the duo face various robots with Nat on a motorbike playing bait while Clint shoots from a higher ground making it rain arrows. Various sentinels of Ultron try to eliminate them but they managed to escape. Clint even used a cloaking cape and it was revealed that he already lost an arm, one being metal like that of Bucky. They ventured into Russia, what's left of it, as Nat thinks they could find something to take Ultron down.

It was explained how Ultron won. He was created by Tony Stark, with a vision of a world of peace using the Mind Stone. However, the robot and Stark did not see eye to eye on the means of achieving it. Ultron's way of achieving peace is to eliminate all of life and he wanted an organic body to merge man, machine, and mind in one – Vision, and he was successful in making it as his host.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME 1
Credit: Marvel Studios

Just as Ultron dissipated all life on Earth, Thanos arrived with all the five stones, and with a flick of the Mind Stone, Ultron cut the Mad Titan in half, and taking all the Infinity Stones for himself, allowing him to destroy other planets and galaxies. Even with Captain Marvel trying to stop him, she's no match as he used her to destroy multiple planets at once.


When all of life was destroyed, Ultron sits in silence as he emerges victorious in his goal of bringing peace. However, he became aware of the existence of The Watcher and Uatu was surprised when Ultron looked at him and noticed his presence. Ultron found out that other universes exist and planned to find Uatu wherever he hides. He was surprised how Ultron could do that.

Uatu holds on to one last hope, pertaining to Nat and Clint who was in the KGB archives looking for what could possibly bring Ultron down and Uatu watched them from afar. Rows and tons of files all in print to find something to counter Ultron. While looking, Nat found the shield of the Red Guardian and took it for herself.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME 2
Credit: Marvel Studios

Uatu tried to intervene but he did not. Just as they were about to give up, they found the file of Arnim Zola, whose consciousness was uploaded into the computer and became ones and zeroes, a code, like that in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It would be a plan to combat code versus code as Zola is an analog and Ultron is digital. They went to Siberia, an old HYDRA base, where the last copy of the code of Zola exists.

Zola uploaded his brain in data banks. It took them a while to convince Zola but they threatened him by a jug of water to fry his server so he gave in. They planned to put Zola inside of Ultron's programming through one of his sentinel drones, so, they put Zola into an arrow of Clint and have it targeted on one of the sentinels. Successfully, they were able to do it.

On their way out of the Siberian base, they had to face a tough decision. In a familiar scene, Nat and Clint tried to save each other but one of them had to sacrifice to ensure the safety of the other, just like when they retrieved the Soul Stone. However, this time, it was Clint who sacrificed and Nat brought Zola out ensuring the fate of the universe in her hands, at the expense of Hawkeye.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME 3
Credit: Marvel Studios

As for The Watcher, Ultron was able to break through his place and they had a battle. Uatu is so strong that he could counter and face Ultron despite him holding six Infinity Stones. Ultron asked why Uatu just kept watching and The Watcher exclaimed that he swore an oath against intervention on the natural order of things.

As for Ultron, he claimed to be the natural order himself, bringing peace, as such is his purpose. He even mocked Uatu not having enough will to stop him. In Uatu's strong words to Ultron, "You cannot compute the power of my will." The two fought and Uatu landed on various realities, one of which has Steve Rogers taking an oath as president.

Ultron got ahold of where Uatu watched different realities and The Watcher went into hiding, one away from Ultron's eyes. There, he was with Doctor Strange Supreme, the one that devoured powers of other creatures, in the pocket universe that became his prison, and he urged Uatu to finally break his oath and do whatever it takes to intervene and stop Ultron.

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Marvel's What If..? Season 1 Finale Episode 9 Theories, Spoilers, and Leaks

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME 4
Credit: Marvel Studios

Speculations circle around the finale being the continuation of Episode 9 and it seems that it would be the "Guardians of the Multiverse" as they call it. Of course, Uatu would have to intervene first and call upon heroes from the various alternate universes to fight. His last hope, the sole survivor of Episode 8, Black Widow, with Arnim Zola to infiltrate Ultron, is expected to lead the team.


In the mid-season trailer, we see various heroes coming together with Captain Carter, Killmonger as Black Panther, Gamora wielding the double-edged sword of Thanos, T'Challa as Star-Lord, party-loving Thor, and Doctor Strange Supreme. There are also theories that Hulk or Spider-Man from the zombie-centered episodes would return.

Where to Watch Marvel's What If..? Finale Episode 9?

Disney+ exclusively streams Marvel's What If..? along with all the other Marvel series released or upcoming as announced for Phase Four of the MCU. The series is Rated TV-14. Disney+ also has the series available in 4k for better viewing.

When is the Release Date and Time of Marvel's What If..? Finale Episode 9?

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME 5
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If..? Episode 9 will be made available next week, September 29, 2021, at 3 AM exclusively on Disney+.

Marvel's What If..? Finale Episode 9 Countdown

Marvel's What If..? ​Finale Episode 9



Will Uatu be able to intervene right on time to form the Guardians of the Multiverse or will he be too late to stop Ultron in bringing "peace" by killing everything that lives in different universes? Find out in the finale episode of Marvel's What If..?