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Marvel's What If..? Episode 8 Promo Hints Black Widow Wielding a Shield

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If..? Episode 8 comes back with an action-packed episode following a fun-themed party run with that of Thor. In this one, it would be "What If.. Ultron Won?" which hints at him emerging victorious in the battle against the Avengers, and the promo revealed more details about the show. Eagle-eyed fans spotted Black Widow wielding a shield and it hints that she might have inherited it from the Red Guardian.

The promo was short and concise and it showed enough details to pump the hype for the upcoming episode of What If..? especially as it would seem to be a continuation of the ending of Episode 7 wherein Vision Ultron appeared with the six Infinity Stones.

However, it should also be noted that the only Avengers shown in the promo were Hawkeye and Black Widow. What could have happened to the rest of the team? Also, many fans are excited to know what Natasha would bring into the story considering that in this teaser, she wields a shield, a red one, with a single star in the middle. Many fans theorize that she dons the shield of the Red Guardian in this alternate reality.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 8 Promo Hints Black Widow Wielding a Shield
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Following the release of Black Widow, the Red Guardian has been introduced as the faux father of Natasha as they pretended to be a family while on a mission in the US. The Red Guardian is like Captain America, but Russian, and it seems that he is one of the experiments of re-creating the super-soldier serum.

Given the relationship between Natasha and the Red Guardian, it is possible that in this timeline, she became the bearer of her faux father's title and shield, making her have two monikers: Black Widow and Red Guardian.

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Would it be possible for her to be Red Black Widow Guardian? Kidding aside, see how Natasha wields the shield on Marvel's What If..? Episode 8, scheduled for release tomorrow, September 29, 2021, at 3 AM EST, exclusively on Disney+.